Chapter 24E: Unfulfilled Heart

  = In Hard Mode only.
In hard, your initial position varies:

Chapter's objective: Survive 11 turns.

- Heaven Seal, when starting the map.
- Hammerne from the only village.
- Vaida Spear (see Mine's glitch, the video is in english too).
- Drops when killed:
  A. Luna (Nosferatu in Hard)
  c. Halberd (only in Hard)
- Steal:
  B. Knight Crest

- Turn 2 and 3 (only in Hard):
   2 Shaman under the shops.
- Turn 3 and 4 (only in Hard)
   2 Wyvern rider over the shops.

   2 Wyvern rider near Vaida.
- Turn 7 and 8 (also turn 6 in Hard), on the mountains (upper right part of the map):
   4 Wyvern rider.
- Turns 8 to 10 (only in Hard):
  2 Wyvern rider on the squares with purple borders (bottom and upper right corners)

New Characters:
- Pent, Louise.

"...The enemy seeks to scatter and destroy you. You must come together...
I see...wyvern riders... They cloud the sky... You should take archers, as many as possible.
The leader of the enemy forces... I sense... something. There is
If you are able to avoid the leader, you should do so. Don't move about too much. Staying in one place will make the battle easier.

An entertaining chapter. You get Pent and Louise from the beginning, even though they are promoted units they are quite decent. Eliwood will receive the Heaven Seal, give it to Hector or Lyn if you plan to promote them (Hector is a better choice).
A lot of Wyvern Riders and Brigands, bring as many Archers as possible (and the Wyrmslayer we got some chapters ago), and some sword and magic users. There are some Archers so take care of your flying units.

What you should do is bring Pent, Louise and your Lords to the place where your other units are, but if you think they'll survive, you can go to the shops and buy Killing Weapons and Elfire books, but be careful with the reinforcements that will appear. The closer your units are the easier the chapter gets. Watch out for the reinforcements. Don't forget to kill the Shaman with Luna, is one of the best weapons of the game, and try to save it for bosses (even if you don't have someone that can use it, you will later anyway).

Boss Data

Wyvern Lord of Level 10
"A wyvern rider to whom dark
magic has given strength."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 60 25 23 22 0 25 20 12
- Spear (Vaida's Spear)

It would be best to not get close to her, her stats are pretty self-explanatory, and she will move if you enter her range. But if you want to take the challenge: attack her with promoted units ONLY, and preferable with C or higher rank weapons, if you haven't abused the arena it will be nearly impossible. GO ALL OUT on her, Hawkeye, Pent, Louise… With some luck you'll manage to defeat her. If you kill her you WON'T be able to recruit her later, but her stats will be lower later on anyways. Other than that you don't get anything from beating her.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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