Fire Emblem: Awakening

• Japanese title: Fire Emblem Kakusei (ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒).
• Other names: Fire Emblem 3DS, FEA, FE:A.
• Release date:
- Japan: April 19, 2012. January 30, 2013 (Eshop).
- America: February 4, 2013.
- Europe: April 19, 2013.
• System: Nintendo 3DS.

Unlike the previous game, it came out of Japan. FE12 seems to have been released right at the end of DS's life and so it was not taken out of there among other reasons like sales or work necessary for it. And although this was announced as a completely new Fire Emblem, is a continuation of Marth's games, this means, the continents of Akanea and Valencia (FE1/3/11/12 and FE12 respectively) but hundreds of years later. There is even a mysterious masked character very similar to Marth, and allusions to continents and characters of others Fire Emblem too, some that are considered leyends (so itsn't that necessary to play the previous Fire Emblems, is similar to listening to old tales). But the main Story like how the japanese logo says is as follow:

"Two sleeping dragons - one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons' awakening - and the world's ending."

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