Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

• Japanese title: Fire Emblem Torakia 776 (ファイアーエムブレム トラキア776, "Thracia 776").
• Other names: Thracia
• Release date:
August 28, 1999 in Japan (Nintendo Power DX Ver.).
September 1, 1999 in Japan (NP Ver.).
January 21, 2000 in Japan (Physical).
July 15, 2008 (Wii's Virtual Console, Japan).
July 10, 2013 (Wii U's VC, Japan).
November 28, 2016 (New 3DS's VC, Japan).
• System: SNES (Super Nintendo, Super Famicom in Japan).

The last Fire Emblem installment for the Super Famicom. It is a midquel to the previous game, Genealogy of the Holy War, taking place between Chapters 6 and 8 of said game. The game follows Leif, and the rebellion he raised throughout the Thracian Peninsula in the year 776 of the grannvalian calendar (hence the title).
It went considerably unnoticed upon its release, coming out at the very last few months of the Super Famicom’s lifespan and well into the Nintendo 64’s life. It was initially released on the Nintendo Power Cartridge, a rather popular system in Japan where people bought cartridges which were then brought to a kiosk and there they could buy games so they could be downloaded onto the cartridge. Less than a year later, it would receive a traditional cartridge release.
Considered to be the hardest game in the franchise by many, this can be mostly attributed to its many new and unique mechanics, which it expects the player to learn and use efficiently right out of the gate.

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Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Walkthrough
- General tips for a SSS rank
- Strategy for a SSS rank
Note: The blue squares is where your units start (isn't possible to choose aside from see where is going to be, starting from left to right and down in the character list when choosing them). The red is where reinforcements appears, and in Thracia the reinforcements not appears sometimes, but appear in the start of enemy turn otherwise indicated.

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