Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

• Japanese subtitle: Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword)
• Other names: Fire Emblem Sword of Flame, Fire Emblem BS, The Blazing Blade (official in Heroes).
• Release date:
- Japan: April 25, 2003. Wii U's Virtual Console: 14/05/14.
- America: November 3, 2003. Wii U's VC: 04/12/14.
- Europe: August 16, 2004. Wii U's VC: 21/08/14.
• System: GBA (Game Boy Advance).
• Official site: Japanese, English
• Note: The official name in America and Europe is simply Fire Emblem, but to avoid confusion with the first one, in this place is named as Blazing Sword, his subtitle in Japan.

The second Fire Emblem for GBA and... the first outside of Japan! Only a few months after Japan in America, and with that, Nintendo learning that the game has possibilities outside of Japan.
But the truth was that doesn't have much new things compared to Sword of the Seals, perhaps Intelligent Systems had little time to add more or wanted to keep it simple. Anyway, Fire Emblem became more popular thanks to this game and was very valued outside Japan, and because of this the following coming from there.

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Eliwood's History Walkthrough
Note: A blue square is where you can put your characters before start and red for enemy reinforcements. These reinforcements almost always appear at the end of the enemy turn (or ally if any). Only the chapter are translated for the moment!.

Hector's History Walkthrough (HM = Hard Mode)
Tips for
hard mode

- Dialogues by chapter
- True epilogue (was removed in the European versions)
- Support transcript
- Dialogues with the tactician
- List of special dialogues
- Story summary

Information, cheats, other guides...
- Menus and mechanisms
- Characters
- Classes
- Weapons and items
- Location: Weapons, items
- Tactician
- Scenario
- Support conversations
- Items in the desert
- Shops and Secret shops
- Battle History
- Mine trick
- Optional Ch. and modes
- Sound Test and CG's
- MKDD! Bonus Disc
- Changes from the japanese version to USA and EU

- Errors
- Other maps
- Credits
- Generic enemy sprites
- Averages
- Artworks
- Curiosities
- Tier Lists
- Extras: Figurines and merchandise, list of manga, CDs and official novels

- The eight legendary heroes
- Non Player Character
- Elibe

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