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This is a Fire Emblem fansite in spanish, and is being translated into english (though, additional help is needed to do this more quickly, contact me as explained at the bottom if you want to help). In some sections you may find two small flags below the "Extras" menu or the option in some pages to change the language (or in the main menu, the ones with a "English")... but only for chapter guides for the moment and some other small things, so some links go to the pages in Spanish.

But for now you can use a automatic translator for the untranslated pages. One you can use is Google Translate by adding the url of page you want to translate.

More about this...

Gonzales proves
that Spanish is high tier!

Some user in the forum proposed to have a English version of Fire Emblem Wars of dragons (also know as FEWOD or FireEmblemWoD, a FE site in spanish since 2004) and I would like to translate the site to English, after all is more well-know than spanish... and is being made by humans but slowly.
I know that some people use this site because of the maps and other data because is useful, and thanks for that, and perhaps with the other contents of the page in english it would be even more useful... but for the moment you can use some online tools that translate webpages in different languages has explained above, if you don't have already or the page you want to read isn't translated yet..

Don Flamenco
"TORO!" - Spainish people according to Nintendo

Isn't totally understandable because is automatic, I know that. But at least is something if you don't understand (and almost all is translated in an "correct" way... but get messy if is long text, or with some words). Also, there are some good firefox add-ons dictionaries (and maybe in other browsers too), if you know some spanish or want to learn, but recommending one sure will not satisfy all.

By the way, some names are already in english in the site, because here en Latin America the games come in english almost always. Only in Spain are in spanish.

Also, I understand english very well (but sorry if there are errors in this text, writing is another thing) and I'm open to requests. If you want something in the guides you can tell me in the Guestbook. Though, there are some things I can't do for the moment (mostly, bigger maps of FE9 and FE10). You can contact me by email too, and the same if is for notify errors or things like that.

The guy (edule) who suggested this thing first.
Somewhere near a cactus his memories remain.

Also, you can contribute with content to the site if you want (by email). It's doesn't matter if is english or spanish, after all, it can be translated. But be sure that the content is made by you and isn't already in the spanish part of the site (mostly, the texts of the english versions like death quotes, endings, story, etc. is missing and there is this topic in the forum with the other missing things, but I'm too lazy to translate into english, almost always are the parts indicated in this site but without links to them).

But it would be good that if you want to use the site's content, you link to the site and not upload or use it somewhere else.
All this was made with effort and would be a letdown, after all, maintaining the site isn't free and in that way it can increase the site's visibility so is possible to continue it.

Also, consider donating if you want to support FEWOD and this content.

~ RoyM (Webmaster of this site)

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