Game Translated pages (2011) Date By...
Chapter 16xE, 17E 13th May Akeiron
Ch. 16A/B - 17A/B 12th May Marinero
Chapter 16E 11th May Akeiron
Chapter 2 (Hard Mode Strategy) 6th May Golden Ax
Chapter 11 ~ 15 1th Feb Marinero
Chapter 15E 30th Jan locomar
Chapter 9 ~ 11 (Eirika)
Chapter 9 (Ephraim)
30th Jan Cryxok
Chapter 4x ~ 10
30th Jan Marinero
Game Translated pages (2010) Date By...
Chapter 1 ~ 4 25th Nov Marinero
Chapter 3 Hard Mode 2th Sep Eltshan
Prologue ~ 8 2th Sep Cryxok
Chapter 5 ~ 8
Chapter 2 ~ 4
Chapter 1
11th Ago
Prologue ~ Chapter 2 11th Ago mai
Menus and controls, Actions, Mechanisms, Supports, Weapons and items, Forging, Liberia map and shops, Desert's items, Locations: Weapons, items, Cheats, Objects designs 24th May RoyM
Lyn's history
HHM chapters
20th May Aglareb

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