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About the Site Fire Emblem Wars of Dragons (FEWoD, WoD, etc.)

Fire Emblem, Game Boy, DS, GameCube, Wii, pictures and everything about it as their games are trademarks of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The site is not affiliated in any way with these companies, is only a community that collects information from these video games for fans. In this way, the things seen here are from various people (users) and, if need be, some of them should not be taken seriously.

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Web Beacons.
Like the cookies this site may also contain Web beacons, electronic graphic file that allows to count the users that access, or access certain cookies of the same, so we can offer you a more personalized experience.

Data retention from users
This site by itself only stores data from what types of visits it gets to the contents without identify every user personally, only to know if the information offered by the site is offered in a optimal way.
In case of commenting on articles only the nickname given by the same user and the IP is used to distinguish from others, same when making an account in the forums with an email which isn't given to third parties. In any of these cases, the same user can opt to delete what was added by requesting it.

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Also, you will find within this site, sites, promotions, microsites, online stores, surveys, sponsors, advertisers, contractors and / or business partners and services, along with other shared services, own or co-branded with third parties ("co-branding sites" ) where can request information, which this site may disclose information provided by you.

Information provided on these co-branding sites is subject to the privacy policies or information in these sites and is not subject to this privacy policy. Is highly recommend for the Users to review in detail the privacy policies that are deployed on the co-branding sites.

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Use of the site's contents for external works

If you want to use the content in this site (videogame guides, helps, images, etc. about Fire Emblem's videogames) for other things, unless you received permission from the person who created the content in this site, is not permitted to copy all content and even less if is not clearly stated that was obtained from here.
This specially if is to show or use in other sites or places, in that case just show the page by linking to this site, and don't copy everything. This is because the site aims to maintain itself and finding every effort taken out results in a huge let-down for the few that continue and maintain it.


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