Weapons and magic

In the first Fire Emblem the items and weapons don't have icons, so it is difficult to identify them the first time, and it is not possible to see their effects or stats either. Or if you were to play it in Japanese, the only way to know which is which is by looking directly at the text.

- Japanese: Original name in Japanese.
- English or Spanish: Names in these languages.
- LV: Minimum Weapon Level required to use (1, 2, 3, etc.).
- Range: Range, distance at which it can be used.
- Wt: Weight (reduces attack speed)
- Mt: Power, weapon's strength.
- Hit: Chance to hit.
- Crit: Critical, chance to deal damage x3
- Uses: Number of times it can be used.
- Strong or effective against: x3 damage to certain classes, "Cavaliers" includes that class and Paladins, while "Armors" are Knights and Generals.



Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Iron Sword 21 25100042-
Rapier *1151001028 Only for Marth. Effective against cavaliers and armors.
Steel Sword 214880038-
Silver Sword 91312100017-
Armorslayer 312580022 Effective against armors
Dragonslayer 712680016 Effective against dragons and Manaketes, except for Earth Manaketes.
Killer Sword 71281002022-
Levin Sword 81-22790020-
Devil Sword 11517100019 Can harm the user
Mercurius *1 11810010 24 Only for Marth
Falchion *13101000-- Only for Marth and restores HP every turn. Effective against Medeus, and negates close-range attacks from no-manakete enemies.


Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Axe 117780043-
Hammer 216670040 Effective against armors.
Steel Axe 219970031-
Hand Axe 3 1-2 9 5 60 0 13 -
Devil Axe 41 14207009Can harm the user


Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Lance 116880038-
Javelin 31-26770028-
Ridersbane 415590014Effective against cavaliers
Silver Lance 7171280020-
Gradivus 141-2420100017 It can be used to recover all HP.

Bows - Effective against flying units

Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Bow 121490033-
Bowgun 22251002037-
Steel Bow 323780028-
Silver Bow 7261180024-
Parthia 132317100017 Can be used to gain +7 Res. Decreases by 1 each turn.


Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Fire 11-205100025-
Thunder 21-21690021-
Blizzard 31-22780523-
Elfire 41-25980018-
Bolganone 51-261270013-
Thorron 51-23131001021-
Swarm 71-291670025-
Excalibur *1-23131002033Only for Merric
Aura *1-272090025Only for Linde
Imhullu *1-2914700-- Only for Gharnef. Negates every attack, except for Starlight.
Starlight 91-2513100012 Negates Imhullu.


Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Pachyderm 12121890019-
Stonehoist 22131550043-
Hoistflamme 521012100023-
Thunderbolt 621110900 23 Effective against Ballisticians
Quick Rain 1271290027 Effective against flying units.

Stones - Manaketes only

Japanese English Lv Rng Wt MtHit Crit Uses Data
Firestone -- 1316800--Only for Bantu, +12 Def
Divinestone -- 11121000-- +15 Def. Only for Tiki and Effective against dragons except for Medeus.
Demonstone -- 1618900-- +16 Def. User don't receive magic attacks or from afar.
Earthstone -- 11020700-- +23 Def. Only for the final enemy and negates attacks from afar.

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