Formulas and Calculations

Before battles you can calculate how it will turn out, since unlike future games in the series there isn't a "preview" screen. You can do it in the following ways.

  • For and against physical weapons ...
    - Attack Power: Character Strength + Weapon Power - Enemy Defense
    - Hit percentage: Skill + Weapon Hit - Enemy Avoid
    - Avoid: Attack speed + terrain bonuses + luck

  • For and against magic...
    - Attack power:
    Magic's power - Enemy resistance
    - Hit percentage: Magic's hit - Enemy Avoid
    - Avoid: Luck

  • Extra Damage...
    - Attack speed
    : Speed ​​- Weapon weight
    - Double attacks: If your attack speed exceeds that of the enemy.
    - Effectiveness: If a class is weak against a certain weapon (for example flying units against bows) the power of the weapon is 3 times more.
    - Critical: ((Skill + Luck)/2) + Weapon's crital = Final damage is multiplied by 3.

  • Other things...
    - Self-damage (by using a Devil Sword or Devil Axe):
    21 - Luck
    - HP recovery with staves: What the staff can recover.

  • Differences with other games in the series ...
    - There isn't a support system, it is not necessary to have the units together.
    - There isn't a Magic stat, the character's Strength neither is added if is a Mage.
    - Terrains neither give defense bonuses.

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