Staves and Items

In the first Fire Emblem the items and weapons don't have icons, so it is difficult to identify them the first time, and it is not possible to see their effects or stats either. Or if you were to play it in Japanese, the only way to know which is which is by looking directly at the text.

- Japanese: Original name in Japanese.
- English or Spanish: Names in these languages.
- LV: Minimum Weapon Level required to use (1, 2, 3, etc.).
- Range: Range, distance at which it can be used.
- Wt: Weight (reduces attack speed)
- Mt: Power, weapon's strength.
- Hit: Chance to hit.
- Crit: Critical, chance to deal damage x3
- Uses: Number of times it can be used.
- Strong or effective against: x3 damage to certain classes, "Cavaliers" includes that class and Paladins, while "Armors" are Knights and Generals.

Staves - Can be used for different effects on allies

Japanese English Lv Rng Uses Data
Heal 1120Recovers 10HP to an ally.
Mend 2116Recovers 20HP to an ally.
Recover 3113 Recovers an ally HP to the max.
Physic 7 All10 Recovers 10HP to an ally from wherever.
Fortify 8 All12 Recovers 10HP to every ally on the map
Warp 7 All7 Transport an ally to a part of the map
Barrier 8118 Gain +7 Res. Decreases by 1 each turn.
Hammerne *112 Restores an staff or weapon's uses to the max. It need to be equipped.
Only for Lena
Oum *11 Revives a dead ally on the pedestal in Chapter 24. Only for Elice

Items - Different uses for the user

Japanese English Uses Data
Vulnerary 5 Recovers 10HP
Pure Water 5Gain +7 Res. Decreases by 1 each turn.
Door Key 1 Open doors
Bridge Key 1 Raise the drawbridges allowing you to pass
Lockpick 15Open doors, chests and raise bridges. Only for thieves
Member Card -- Allows the user to access secret shops
Silver Card -- Everything costs half in the stores for the one who has it.
Earth Orb 3 Damage to EVERY unit (5-12 damage)
Light Orb -- Ignores enemy's terrain bonuses.
Star Orb --Weapons don't wear out
Seraph Robe 1 HP +9
Power Ring 1 Strength +4
Secret Book 1 Skill +5
Manual 1 Weapon Level +5
Speed Ring 1 Speed +6
Goddess Icon 1 Luck +7
Dragon Shield 1 Defense +3
Amulet 1 Resistance +7
Boots 1 Movement +4

Promotion items - Allows to change into an advanced class if user is above level 10

Japanese English Uses Data
Paladin's Honor 1 Promotes Cavaliers
Hero Crest 1 Promotes Mercenaries
Orion Bolt 1 Promotes Archers
Dragon Whip 1 Promotes Pegasus Knights
Bishop Ring 1 Promotes Mages

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