Item Locations

In the first Fire Emblem the items and weapons don't have icons, so it is difficult to identify them the first time, and it is not possible to see their effects or stats either. Or if you were to play it in Japanese, the only way to know which is which is by looking directly at the text. Common items aren't listed, neither those from shops.


Japanese English Spanish Data
Iron Sword Espada de hierro --
Rapier Estoque Marth's starting item (Chapter 1)
Steel Sword Espada de acero --
Silver Sword Espada de Plata Chest from Chapter 12. Boss from Chapter 14. Enemy in Chapter 19, 20, Final.
Armorslayer Machacacorazas Enemy in Chapter 4, 12. Chest from Chapter 6
Dragonslayer Machacadragones Chest from Chapter 9. Enemy in Final Chapter (x2)
Killer Sword Espada asesina Chest from Chapter 6
Levin Sword Espada trueno Chest from Chapter 10. Enemy in Final Chapter
Devil Sword Espada demoníaca Chest from Chapter 17, 24. Enemy in Chapter 20, 24
Mercurius Mercurius Est's starting item (Chapter 18)
Falchion Falchion Boss from Chapter 23


Japanese English Spanish Data
Axe Hacha --
Hammer Martillo --
Hand Axe Hacha de mano --
Steel Axe Hacha de acero --
Devil Axe Hacha demoníaca Village from Chapter 3, Enemy in Chapter 9


Japanese English Spanish Data
Lance Lanza --
Javelin Jabalina --
Ridersbane Anticaballos Boss from Chapter 4. Enemy in Chapter 13
Silver Lance Lanza de plata Boss from Chapter 5, 8
Gradivus Gradivus Boss from (Camus) Chapter 20.


Japanese English Spanish Data
Bow Arco --
Bowgun Arco de fuego --
Steel Bow Arco de acero --
Silver Bow Arco de plata Enemy in Chapter 10, 12, 21
Parthia Parthia Finish Chapter 12


Japanese English Spanish Data
Fire Fuego --
Thunder Trueno --
Blizzard Helada --
Elfire Elfire Enemy in Chapter 12
Bolganone Bolganone Enemy in Chapter 12. Chest from Chapter 19
Thorron Thorron Chest from Chapter 14
Swarm Gusano Enemy in Chapter 17
Excalibur Excalibur Merric's starting item (Chapter 4)
Aura Aura Linde's starting item (Chapter 11)
Imhullu Imhullu Enemy only.
Starlight Starlight Village from Chapter 22 but Marth must have the Light and Star orbs with him.


Japanese English Spanish Data
Pachyderm Catapulta elefante Enemy in Chapter 20
Stonehoist Lanzarocas --
Hoistflamme Fusil de fuego --
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Beck's starting item (Chapter 13)
Quick Rain Lluvia rápida Jake's starting item (Chapter 11)

Dragon Stones

Japanese English Spanish Data
Firestone Roca de fuego Village from Chapter 5
Divinestone Roca de dios Tiki's starting item
Demonstone Roca mágica Enemy only
Earthstone Roca de tierra Enemy only


Japanese English Spanish Data
Heal Curar --
Mend Reparar --
Recover Recuperar Enemy in Chapter 15
Physic Physic Chest from Chapter 6
Fortify Fortalecer Enemy in Chapter 17
Warp Transportar Enemy in Chapter 12, 23. Chest from Chapter 17
Barrier Barrera Enemy in Chapter 23
Hammerne Hammerne Village from Chapter 20
Oum Oum Elice's starting item (Chapter 24)


Japanese English Spanish Data
Vulnerary Poción --
Pure Water Agua pura --
Door Key Llave de puerta --
Bridge Key Llave de puente --
Lockpick Ganzúas --
Member Card Tarjeta de miembro Enemy in Chapter 17 (a Curate)
Silver Card Tarjeta de plata Chest from Chapter 14
Earth Orb Orbe de la tierra Chest from Chapter 19
Light Orb Orbe de la luz Enemy in Chapter 19
Star Orb Orbe de las estrellas Chest from Chapter 19
Seraph Robe Túnica angelical Chest from Chapter 6, 19
Power Ring Anillo de energía Boss from Chapter 11. Chest from Chapter 15
Secret Book Libro secreto Chest from Chapter 17
Manual Manual Chest from Chapter 12
Speed Ring Anillo veloz Boss from Chapter 10, 17. Chest from Chapter 19
Goddess Icon Icono de diosa Chest from Chapter 9
Dragon Shield Escudo dragón Boss from Chapter 16, 22. Chest from Chapter 17
Amulet Talismán Chest from Chapter 15, 23
Boots Botas Chest from Chapter 12
5.000, (Village from Chapter 2, 4)
10.000 (Village from Chapter 1. Chest from Chapter 6, 14, 23)
15.000 (Finish Chapter 3. Chest from Chapter 9, 17)
20.000 (Chest from Chapter 12)
30.000 (Chest from Chapter 19)

Promotion Items

Japanese English Spanish Data
Paladin's Honor Medallón de caballero Enemy in Chapter 12, 18, 21. Chest from Chapter 17
Hero Crest Medallón de héroe Enemy in Chapter 10, 16
Orion Bolt Flecha de Orión Chest from Chapter 12. Enemy in Chapter 19
Dragon Whip Látigo de dragón Chest from Chapter 19. Boss from Chapter 22
Bishop Ring Anillo guía Chest from Chapter 19. Boss from Chapter 23

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