Chapter Final: Chosen by Fate

Light blue squares show your units starting positions according to the list when starting the chapter. You can see enemy data by hovering over it. VA = Attack speed.
Villages, items and treasures
- Dragonslayer (x2, Hero and Paladin).
- Silver Sword (Hero).
- Levin Sword (Wyvern Knight to the right).
- Door Key (left Ballistician).
- Vulnerary (Manakete at the left side of the map).

Item Shop
- Vulnerary 600
- Door Key 500
- Bridge Key 900

- Turn 6-50?: 1 Manakete (left), 1 Hero (right). Red squares.
- Turn 7-50?: 1 Ballistician (left), 1 Wyvern Knight (right). Stairs in yellow.
- Turn 8?-50?: 1 Bishop, light blue stairs.
- Turn 10?-50?: From top to bottom, right to left in blue Forts... 1 Paladin, Wyvern Knight, Manakete, and Hero.

New characters
- Gotoh

Before starting, keep in mind that your allies will be divided into 4 groups as you can see in the image. Try not to have very weak units your groups, but balanced instead and have a Door Key with every group, because on this map the rooms will be closing soon, and it is the only way (besides using Lockpicks) to get out. As marked in the image with black squares:

- Turn 3: Top left and right Doors close.
- Turn 4: Next is the Door at the lest side of Marth.
- Turn 5: Left door in the middle of the map.
- Turn 6: Right door in the middle of the map.
- Turn 9: Door near the Tent closes. So if you have items to equip, better to get them in time.
- Turn 10: Door to Medeus closes.

Unfortunately, since you cannot accommodate items before starting, nor the initial positions in the best way, is best to change some characters until you have something good that suits what you have, or even be prepared from the previous chapter. Another option, although somewhat risky for that reason, is to leave a character (or enemy) where those doors appear... this because if someone is in there, a door can't appear at the same time.

Rest to be added...

- Manakete - Level 20
- Items: Earthstone (+23 def.)
Medeus 45 10 10 16 10 0 12 0



Guide by RoyM, reinforcement data, stats and some data added to every map by Nyara.


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