Chapter 1: Marth Embarks

1. 10.000
2. Wrys
A. Vulnerary (boss)
- Iron Sword 400
- Iron Lance 480
- Javelin 750
- Iron Axe 320
- Iron bow 440
New characters:
- Shiida and Aidraug: At the beginning.
- Norne: At the beginning, si you had 4 or less units at the end of Prologue 4.
- Wrys: Visit the left village
- None.

Since you have to play the Prologue first in Normal Mode, the characters you have been using should be a little stronger. Take this chance to train other characters, since the ones you have been using thus far won’t get much EXP here. You can also keep using them if you are not interested in the rest, though.
Remember that if you had four characters or less at the end of Prologue IV, Norne will appear. She is a little better than Gordin; if you want to use her, start training her here, since her base stats are low. Even so, there are many other better options for bow users, but they appear later on.

The Pirates and the Hunter aren’t such problem; some will come from land and others through the sea (one of them will stay on the castle and three others will remain around here until you get closer). Just remember to put your characters in the forests, or forts if they were damaged before you had a chance to acquire Wrys to heal them. Don’t put Shiida/Caeda (European/American version respectively) near the Hunter, arrows will do extra damage to her.

Also kill the Thief before he reaches the villages, they will be destroyed as soon as he sets a foot on them. Also, don’t forget to buy weapons with the gold you get at the village; buy an Iron Lance and a few Javelins for Shiida so that she doesn’t have to use her personal weapon. Also get a Lance for Abel (since he only has a Javelin) and another Javelin for Draug if you want.

Weapons, Items:
- Steel Axe
- Vulnerary
Level 5 HP Str Mag Skl Spd LckDefRes
Normal 268048060
Merciless 30 14 0 7 10 0 6 0
Weapon Lv. C (Normal)
A ()
Mov: --

Attack him from a far, isn't impossible...

Strategy for Merciless:

Leave the Thief alone, kill him on the following turns - it’s way better to focus on the Pirates. Go purchase some Javelins with Shiida using the gold Marth gets from the village. Make sure of delivering Javelins to those that lack one and use them first to attack and soften the enemies from a safe distance – that way, you can go and kill the enemies you lure with direct hits. Send Jagen to the farthest fort, equipped with his Silver Lance to cause a little damage, and in the following turn do the same with the rest of your characters, killing the enemies Jagen lured, out of the enemy attack range.

Then, run back a little, leaving Jagen alone in the fort, but also leaving some of your units – NOT GORDIN- inside the enemy range, at full HP, to bait enemies. In your next turn, kill them the same way you’ve been killing them thus far, and the rest will be easy just as long as you keep doing this tactic over and over. Try to bait the Hunter and the other enemies in a similar manner and you will win; take your time to heal up if you received damage. From here onwards, near the castle, there is no need to keep using Jagen’s Silver Lance – it’s not justified as it is at the beginning -; until that point, don’t be afraid of using both him and his Silver Lance.
Even then, be careful with the Hunter – he can attack twice even against your Cavaliers.

Personally, you depend on luck to survive this Chapter – even 89 HIT attacks miss – especially against the boss – attack him with everything you got, from afar with bows and javelins, even with Jagen and his sword; but pay attention to how much damage can he deal to you, and don’t attack him if he can kill you.

Alternative Strategy:

First visit the Village with Marth, and with the gold you get there, send Jagen to buy Javelins for all the Lance users who lack one, except Cain – he’s only got an E on Lance Rank – and an Iron Lance for Abel – who only has a Javelin.

Now send all your characters towards el destroyed village and finish off the Thief. The Pirates who do move towards you will start traveling through the sea instead of going through land, so only one or two will be able to attack at once and you will be able to kill them easily. Put Draug just above the center of the destroyed town, since only flying units can cross it, this will create a situation where the enemy can only attack you from the South where there are two forests (and if someone with a sword is attacked there, they could avoid a hit) and remember: Heal the wounded in the fort! And to finish off the Pirates, it’s advised to deal damage with Javelins and Bows and then deal the final blow. After a while, you will have finished with all those that go after you.

Use this moment to heal your characters at the initial fort – the only enemies remaining now are those that attack you only when you enter their attack range. Start baiting and killing them one by one, healing your units at the second fort… And beware the Hunter! Not only can he kill Shiida with his bow, he is also unbelievably fast and able to attack twice almost all your characters; when you reach the boss area, just follow the same tactics and you will be alright. Once you finish with the Pirates, visit the village to recruit Wrys. He’s pretty bad but his healing will help you thorough the following chapters – don’t waste his staff, his stats won’t grow on each level up most of the time.

Against the boss, follow the same strategy explained above.

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