Chapter 8: Soulful Bridge

= Lunatic Only. This guide is made only according to Normal and Lunatic.

• Villages/Items/Chests:
1. Banut joins
- Drops when killed:
  A. Leo (orb shard, restart if you don't get it)
  B. Fire Stone
  C. Silver Bow
  D. Arms scroll
  - Mercurius (Astram)
  - Vulnerary (Roger)
  - Parthia (George)
  - Sagittarius. (George, recruit or kill him and restart if you don't get it)
  - Gradivus (Hardin, but you can't defeat him...)
  - Darksphere (Hardin, but you can't defeat him...)*
*Even when he drops it, you never can use it, mainly because the story....

• New characters:
- Jeorge: Talk to him with Gordin or Marth.
- Roger: Talk to him with Shiida/Caeda.
- Cain: From the beginning.
- Bantu: Visit the village.
- Astram won't join yet. Leave him alive if you want to recruit him later.
• Armory:
- Armorslayer 1000
- Silver Lance 2200
- Hammer 1100
- Silver Bow 2100

• Enemy reinforcements (in Lunatic is one turn before):
- Turn 3, 5: 2 Cavalier (yellow) and 2 Knight (green).
- Turn 5: 1 Mage from the fort above Astram's group.
  In Lunatic he appears in turn 2 too.

- Turn 7: 4 Generals from the red zone.

• Strategy:
Three powerful enemies... luckily, they won't attack you if you don't do it first, and there isn't much to do where they are (the Arms Scroll isn't necessary, because you don't need much weapon levels in this game). Just use units with great movement (or change classes to do this).

Astram Data
- Mercurius
Level 5 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Normal 34 14 1 16 16 5 15 3
Lunatic 34 14 1 16 16 5 15 3
Weapon level A D (Normal)
A D (Lunatic)
Mov: 8

Against Astram don't do anything, just kill the Thief near him in the first turn so you can get the orb shard and then go upwards. Astram and his group will attack you if you attack them first, like the previous chapter (even if you put someone next to them, they won't attack)

Hardin Data
- Gradivus
- Darksphere
Level 30 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Normal 50 20 0 20 20 0 20 15
Lunatic 80 30 0 30 30 0 30 25
Weapon level A (Normal)
A (Lunatic)
Mov: 6

Don't do anything to Hardin... is impossible to defeat him now... but his battle theme is great as always.

BUT BE CAREFUL, EVERY ENEMY of Astram group and the Generals will start moving in turn 8 (or by going into Generals' attack range and from the beginning), so get ready to stop them or at least, avoid them. However, in the original game was better, because Hardin moved along the Generals.
If you don't want to delay visiting the village with Marth, use Feena's special skill to move again. Do the same thing with the other units... Feena is very useful, use her of the same way to make your units attack more. However, it doesn't mind how many you leave behind if you send Marth to seize the castle to finish before they start attacking your units. And don't forget to buy Silver Lances and Armorslayers.

George Data
- Parthia
- Sagittarius
Level 5 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Normal 32 12 1 14 14 5 13 3
Lunatic 32 12 1 14 14 5 13 3
Orb bonus       +2        
Weapon level A (Normal)
A (Lunatic)
Mov: --

Luckily, George will join the party if you talk to him with Gordin or Marth, so bring them. But if you don't want to... kill him, is pretty easy, just attack the Snipers below him and it's over. If you kill him, he drops Parthia and the Sagittarius' shard. BUT BE CAREFUL, the Snipers below him start moving when you go into their attack range.
If you still want to get the Arms Scroll, attract each General with a very defensive unit, trying that a General attacks only an ally... and then finish them to go for the remaining one just before seize the castle.

In the end, if in the previous chapter you chose 'Yes' (left) to Wendell's question (he gives you a hat like his) you can remove that by choosing 'Yes' again.

• Strategy for Lunatic:

ASTRAM MOVES!!! If you go into his Hero's attack range at the end of the turn, his group will start moving. And Hardin doesn't move in this difficulty either... but every General and Hero starts moving in turn 6.
Strategy Soon...

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