In-battle weapons designs

These are the appearance of every weapon and item while used in actual battles in the game.

Swords (strong against axes)

Img. Spanish English In battle
Espada de bronce Bronze Sword
Espada de hierro Iron Sword
Espada de acero Steel Sword
Espada de plata Silver Sword
Espada del valor Brave Sword
Machacacorazas Armorslayer
Machacawyvern Wyrmslayer
Espada asesina Killing Edge
Espada trueno Levin Sword
Estoque Rapier
Estoque Noble Noble Rapier
Misilteinn Missiletainn
Sol Sol
Amatsu Amatsu
Falchion Falchion  
Falchion divina Exalted Falchion
Falchion linaje Parallel Falchion
Mercurius Mercurius
Tyrfing Tyrfing
Balmung Balmung
Mistilteinn Mystletainn
Sol Katti Sol Katti
Ragnell Ragnell
Rama Tree Branch
Espada cristal Glass Sword
Espada sedante Soothing Sword
Espada suprema Superior Edge
Sable Leif Leif's Blade
Sable Roy Roy's Blade
Sable Eliwood Eliwood's Blade
Sable Eirika Eirika's Blade
Sable Seliph Seliph's Blade
Sable Alm Alm's Blade

Lances (strong against swords)

Img. Spanish English In battle
Lanza de bronce Bronze Lance
Lanza de hierro Iron Lance
Lanza de acero Steel Lance
Lanza de plata Silver Lance
Lanza del valor Brave Lance
Jabalina Javelin
Pica Corta Short Spear
Pica Spear
Aterrafieras Beast Killer
Lanza bendita Blessed Lance
Lanza asesina Killer Lance
Luna Luna
Gradivus Gradivus
Gáe Bolg Gáe Bolg
Gungnir Gungnir
Tronco Log
Lanza cristal Glass Lance
Lanza enana Miniature Lance
Vara eléctrica Shockstick
Lanza suprema Superior Lance
Lanza Finn Finn's Lance
Pica Ephraim Ephraim's Lnce
Lanza Sigurd Sigurd's Lance

Axes (strong against lances)

Img. Spanish English In battle
Hacha de bronce Bronze Axe
Hacha de hierro Iron Axe
Hacha de acero Steel Axe
Hacha de plata Silver Axe
Hacha del valor Brave Axe
Hacha de mano Hand Axe
Hacha corta Short Axe
Tomahawk Tomahawk
Martillo Hammer
Hacha rayo Bolt Axe
Hacha asesina Killer Axe
Talión Vengeance
Phuria Helswath
Armads Armads
Cucharón Ladle
Hacha cristal Glass Axe
Hacha gigante Imposing Axe
Hacha Volante Volant Axe
Hacha suprema Superior Axe
Hachuela Orsin Orsin's Hatchet
Hacha Titania Titania's Axe
Hacha Hector Hector's Axe
Hauteclaire Hauteclere
Berenthum Wolf Berg

Bows (every one is effective against flying units)

Img. Spanish English In battle
Arco de bronce Bronze Bow
Arco de hierro Iron Bow
Arco de acero Steel Bow
Arco de plata Silver Bow
Arco del valor Brave Bow
Arco bendito Blessed Bow
Arco asesino Killer Bow
Arco largo Longbow
Meteoro Astra
Parthia Parthia
Yewfelle Yewfelle
Nidhogg Nidhogg
Arco Doble Double Bow
Arco laxo Slack Bow
Arco Cristal Glass Bow
Arco imponente Towering Bow
Arco estéril Underdog Bow
Arco Supremo Superior Bow
Arco Wolt Wolt's Bow
Arco James Innes' Bow

Magics or Tomes

Img. Spanish English In battle
Fuego Fire
Valflame Valflame
Trueno Thunder
Mjölnir Mjölnir
Viento Wind
Excalibur Excalibur
Holsety Forseti
Libro Naga Book of Naga
Ruina Ruin
Estrago Waste
Goecia Goetia
Ciénaga Mire
Ascua Dying Blaze
Pira Micaiah Micaiah's Pyre
Gran Rayo Superior Jolt
Rayo Katarina Katarina's Bolt
Tempestad Wilderwind
Vendaval Celica Celica's Gale
Noche Aversa Aversa's Night
La Verdad Grima's Truth


Img. Spanish English In battle
Curar Heal
Mejorar Mend
Sanar Physic
Recuperar Recover
Fortalecer Fortify
Bastón diosa Goddess Staff
Rescatar Rescue
Escudo Mágico Ward
Aliviar Kneader
Bálsamo Balmwood Staff
Catarsis Catharsis


There isn't any change in appearance, unlike FE3, neither any stone is shown. Every character uses the same transformation and effects, only their appearance changes (initial and transformed) but that depends on the character. One of Nowi and Avatar's daughters as Manakete, and Panne as Taguel, as reference, only the effects are the same.

Img. Spanish English In battle
Roca dragón Dragonstone
Piedra dragón + Dragonstone+
Roca de bestia Beaststone
Piedra bestia + Beaststone+


Only these shown below appear in battle, or more exactly when used. They change a little on the object inside these.

Img. Spanish English In battle
Sello Maestro Master Seal
Segundo Sello Second Seal
Pergamino Dread Scroll
Ramillete de Novia Wedding Bouquet

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