Paralogue 13x: Rival Bands

This is an optional chapter (Paralogue), it can be done whenever you want but requirements are needed for it to appear.

= Only in Lunatic. = Event Titles
Data according to Hard and Lunatic in Classic mode only. (Only Lunatic for now)
On lower difficulties there are less enemies and reinforcements appears later.

This map shows both groups when they are enemies (those in the forest starts out as neutral, the one near the houses as enemies). More appear when starting the map (which is the upper image, when choosing no group) although you see less when entering the chapter (the mini-map below).

1. Beast Killer.
2. Dracoshield.
3. Energy Drop.
4. Hammer.
- Bullion (M) x2 (both bosses).
- 10.000 at the end of the chapter if you don't join a group.

New Characters:
- Yarne
Enemy reinforcements:
- None, besides those that appear from the opposite side when choosing the other side or neither when starting the map. And you should note that if you choose a specific side, no more allies will appear (that is, the starting units will remain as allies only, and only the enemy side has "reinforcements").
- However, choosing only one side causes more reinforcements to appear when starting the map. When if you choose to go against both there is a little less from each side.
- By choosing Gyral's group as an ally:
  4 Paladin (white).
  3 Bow Knight (red).
  1 Valkyrie (orange).
- By choosing Dalen's group as an ally:
  4 General (yellow).
  2 Sage (black).
  2 Swordmaster (blue).

Note: Bosses start moving on turn 4, the rest moves before.

Special Events:
- The boss of both groups can have a conversation with the other if they both fight, either as an enemy and the other as an ally. This cannot happen if you decide to go against both groups.

General strategy:
- Objective: Defeat every enemy.
- Available Units: Chrom + 12 + 1 (Yarne, enemy or recruitable ally).

At the beginning you can choose whether to ally with one or another group of enemies. It will not vary anything except in the final rewards:
- If you ally yourself with a group, you will earn 500 money for each enemy you kill.
- If you ally with neither, you will win 10,000 money at the end of the chapter. And with the drops you can get from both bosses.

By contrast, allying with a group makes the opposite your enemy and the former an ally (non-controllable green units). This is why the group that Yarne is in can make it more difficult to recruit him if he ends up surrounded by enemies, since Yarne will also become an enemy and can attack you until you speak to him. But it's easy either way by sending Panne grouped with a flying unit (then switch positions and talk to Yarne) and then rescuing both with the Rescue staff. Remember that they sell them in the store of chapter 12, have at least two or three units that use them. Or if you prefer and Panne is strong (although you can use Chrom), you can put Panne on the left in pre-battle preparations, go talk to Yarne, Pair up Panne with him, and go back to the starting place with Panne as main to resist enemies.

The best thing obviously is not to join any group, because you will get more money and experience that way. But it's harder, so you should save this chapter for later, hopefully for chapter 18 or so (and obviously by when Panne and her husband have high stats if you plan on using Yarne). But it can still be easy, take into account the tonics that increase statistics for a chapter and group units in such a way that they can defeat as many enemies as they can. Also, take a closer look at the minimap on the screen below; You will notice better how the forests are and where you should put your units in the best shape to form better barricades between the paths in the trees.

Dalen Boss - Data
Weapons and items:
- Spear (not forged in Lunatic)
- Bullion (M)
Level 13, Mov. 8 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Hard 59 29 1 26 27 25 25 20
Lunatic 70 34 1 31 32 30 28 23
Weapon level
C, B (Hard), A, A (Lunatic).
Hit Rate +10, Outdoor Fighter, Aegis

The right group is by the forest area. For the same reason, it can be the easiest group to beat if you are careful. Before starting, leave several flying units in the positions on the right, and when starting, group them with units with weapons that can kill the enemies of this group or have an advantage, even with Beast Killer if necessary. So they can go further by flying; just move them as much as you can within the enemy formation and change positions to the unit that you grouped them.
Where to put them will depend on how many enemies can resist; do calculations to see how many enemies can survive and only counterattack on enemy turn. You can kill as many as you can in the first turn and go backwards or forwards between the paths in the trees.
Just remember to stay in the forest to gain evasion and defense, use paired up characters with good level of support, and that you count the range of movement of the enemies; the mounted (non-flying) can move generally in the forests but spending 3 of their movement. When on foot they have a cost of 2.

Gyral Boss - Data
Weapons and items:
- Tomahawk (forged in Lunatic: Might 14, Hit 70, Crit. 0).
- Bullion (M) (Hard).
Level 13, Mov. 5 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Hard 66 32 0 24 17 23 32 14
Lunatic 78 38 0 28 20 28 35 16
Weapon level
C, B (Hard), A, A (Lunatic)
Hit Rate +10, Indoor Fighter, Pavise

The left group is in an open area. That is why it is not recommended that you enter like how happens with the other group. It is best to stay in the starting area and do the same just counterattacking on the enemy turn. Only have units with magic or magical weapons like Levin Sword or effective like Hammers. Stay as low as you can but attracting enemies, and you can also use the forest where you start while backing up, as Armors have even less movement on forests.
Against these I would also recommend sending a flying unit up, past the walls, as long as it can stay out of enemy range. You could attract some cavaliers from the right and other enemies from the left, giving you time to defeat others who will approach you from below; you will divide their forces. Obviously as long as the unit you send is strong or you have a way to return them back.

Honestly, this chapter is easy if you only pay attention to the attack range of the enemies and marks or count how much they can move, and putting units in places where they are only hit by multiple enemies without dying. But since at the same time there are many of them if you do not join a group, do not go foolishly hoping to survive while you advance, calculate how much damage your characters will receive and try to defeat as many as you can on the enemy turn (do the math).
Also remember to have Concoction or even Elixirs to heal on your turn while you fight back on the enemy turn, and use the Rally skills, which are very useful for this chapter since you will have to stay almost in the same place. If by some mistake you misplace a character, rescue him with the Rescue staff and try again ... the staff can also be used to defeat enemies that are far away but can cause problems later, by entering the enemy formation to defeat one in a single blow and return your unit to a safe place.

Strategy for Lunatic:

Not much more to add. Having strongest enemies on this difficulty, this applies to their defenses as well. Have effective weapons against them but forged if necessary, it is always a good idea to defeat them in one turn if you can. If you decide to join a single group especially, also consider using flying units so that the enemy is divided.

The optional chapters do not follow a specific order of play, to see them all you can also see the main section.
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