Paralogue 9x: Wings of Justice

This is an optional chapter (Paralogue), it can be done whenever you want but requirements are needed for it to appear.

= Only in Lunatic. = Event Titles
Data according to Hard and Lunatic in Classic mode only. (Only Lunatic for now)
On lower difficulties there are less enemies and reinforcements appears later.

A. Elixir
B. Second Seal
C. Arms Scroll
D. Physic
- Bullion (L) (Boss)

New Characters:
- Cynthia
Enemy reinforcements:
- None

Special Events:
- None

General strategy:
- Objective: Defeat every enemy.
- Available Units: Chrom + 12 + 1 (Cynthia, recruitable enemy).

Although there are no reinforcements on this map, each turn Ruger will put a neutral member of a group of mercenaries on his side (10 in total) and once they are all recruited, they will attack you while the boss flees around the corner where he started, indicated by the red arrow. They will also start to move on their own if you go past the horizontal walls above, roughly the line above the top sparkling spot, or what is to enter the attack range of several of them.
But there is no reward in making all the green units survive, in fact it might be better to defeat them to get some more experience, although if you cannot face so many it is better to hurry; move over that horizontal line sooner and when he have converted only a few.

Either way, Cynthia is on the enemy side and you shouldn't kill her to speak and have her join you side. This is included even if you are playing Casual mode. But it's pretty easy, you just have to try to defeat as many nearby enemies as possible without getting into her attack range. Then the next turn you will have everything more empty to continue defeating the enemies and talk to her. Use Pair up bonuses or even tonics to resist as many enemies as possible.
Another method is to send Sumia using the Rally Movement skill. Or with Olivia, to give Sumia more movement, and then you can reach her in one turn if Sumia is a flying unit. Then after talking to Cynthia you can Pair up Sumia with Cynthia and rescue both with a Rescue staff (sold in the store in chapter 12), or just move Cynthia with Sumia out of the enemy's reach.

In any case, it is a fairly simple chapter where you only have to pay attention to the range of the enemies, and try to help yourself from the small walls by placing strong units to form a defense.

Ruger Boss - Data
Weapons and items:
- Levin Sword (forged in Lunatic: Might 18, Hit 100, Crit. 0)
- Bullion (L)
Level 12, Mov.: 6+1 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Hard 51 22 20 29 30 17 12 17
Lunatic 59 27 24 34 35 21 14 19
Weapon level
C, C (Hard), A, A (Lunatic)
Movement +1, Fortuna

As explained before, it will run away if you don't stop it sooner, but you have plenty of time for that. He turns all neutral units into enemies on turn 10, and to flee will be on turn 14. Also note that he attacks with magic with the sword he has, intercept it with someone with resistance and speed.

Strategy for Lunatic:

There is not much to add to this mode other than taking care of Warriors with the Counter skill. If you leave and enter the map, this ability could appear or disappear, and it could also happen that they have the skill that increases +5 if they use axes, take that into account in your calculations.
But if you've come to this chapter for Valm, it can be a pretty viable chapter to do because all this experience. And if you could get Cynthia to start off with Galeforce from Sumia, is a nice addition to the team.

The optional chapters do not follow a specific order of play, to see them all you can also see the main section.
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