Chapter 10: Unhappy Reunion

- Nohr Route
1. 10000 Gold
2. Master Seal
3. Dual Club
4. Dracoshield
A. Elixir

New Characters
- Turn 3: Selena, Beruka, and Camilla
- Turn 2: 3 Sky Knights (red tiles).
- Turn 3:
  3 Spear Fighters (green).
  3 archers (gold).
- Turn 4:
  2 Sky Knights (purple).
  1 pair of Sky Knights (middle purple).
- Turn 5:
  4 Oni Savages (black).
  2 pairs of Oni Savages (white).
- Turn 6:
  3 Sky Knights (2 right red tiles and 1 left purple tile) and 1 pair of Sky Knights (middle purple).
- Turn 7:
  3 Ninjas (pink).
  1 pair of Ninjas (top left green).
  5 Oni Savages (black and white excluding bottom right black tile),
  1 Archer (bottom right gold), and 1 pair of Archers (top gold).

Special Events
- ?

General Strategy:
- Objective: Defend green zone for 11 turns.
- Available units: 10 (Corrin + 9).
- Dragon Vein: Lower water to make the sea passable.

X's are 50 hp partitions

This is a chapter where you are under a lot of pressure to defend from multiple angles of attack. All enemies move from the start except Takumi and his retainers. There are many reinforcements that spawn this map and at the end of turn 6, Takumi will activate the dragon vein (assuming he is alive) removing all of the water from the map, turning the tiles into plains tiles and his retainers will begin to move.
Most of the enemies will move towards the green zone unless there are enemies within range which they will attack as long as they cant seize that turn. Most of the sky knight reinforcements however will completely ignore your units and fly straight at the green zone.

Your strategy depends on what units you have trained. Mozu can be quite useful this chapter if you reclass her using Haitaka's heart seal. Haitaka is also a very strong unit with good bases and rally defense for the chapter, The top right village has a Master seal which you can use to early promote someone if a stronger character is needed.
On turn 3 you will get 3 reinforcements to help defend the map, Beruka is fairly tanky and Selena has reasonable mercenary stats, however Camilla is really strong and can defeat most enemies in one turn. There are also 2 ballistae and a fire orb you can use to weaken enemy units however be careful, many archers will come from the right and will use the top right ballista. Ballistae and Fire orbs can't kill units, they can only reduce them to 1 hp.

Before turn 7, it is important to send someone to the left: ideally a 2 range unit that can attack over the barricade, and 1-3 people to the top right, however most of your army should likely hold the middle of the map where many enemies will attack from. Try to push your army out so that you don't get overwhelmed too much by enemies when Takumi uses the dragon vein.

Oboro Spear Fighter
Weapons and items:
- Iron Naginata
Level 11 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 30 15 0 14 13 12 13 +1 10 +1
Weapon Lv.
Mov. 5 +1
Nohr Enmity, Movement +1, Seal Strength, Seal Defense

Oboro won't move until turn 7 unless there is a unit in range of her or a unit she can dual strike with. She has very solid all around stats, and she will seal your strength and defense if you don't kill her on your attack. She has no real weaknesses other than being 1 range, however if you give Camilla an iron axe, she can kill Oboro in one round.

Hinata Samurai
Weapons and items:
- Iron Katana
Level 11 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 32 14 0 11 14 +1 13 12 -1 5 -1
Weapon Lv.
Mov. 5 +1
Triple Threat, Movement +1, Darting Blow, Armored Blow

Hinata won't move until turn 7 unless there is a unit in range of him or a unit he can dual strike with. He has strong attacking stats, however his res is very low. The combination of darting blow, armored blow and triple threat makes it hard for physical uints to kill him, even Camilla is not very good against him because she has low hit and takes a lot of damage from triple threat. Corrin can be very good at killing him because his dragonstone deals magic damage and ignores triple threat and armored blow, otherwise weakening Hinata from 2 range, especially mages and your butler/maid will make short work of him.

Takumi Archer
Weapons and items:
- Fujin Yumi
- Elixir
Level 12 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 35 16 0 20 11 15 12 5 +2
Weapon Lv.
Mov. --
Competitive, Quick Draw, Wary Fighter, Point Blank

Killing Takumi before he uses the dragon vein is possible especially if you have a strong Corrin paired up with Camilla, however it is very difficult as he has an Elixir and wary fighter and there are many enemies. Just end your turn in front of Takumi, hopefully with a shield gauge ready and counter attack, then kill him next turn. He drops an elixir, however if he is low or a nearby unit is low they will use the elixir.

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