Chapter 7: A Dragon's Decree

- Nohr Route
- None

New Characters
- Turn 3: Silas above, Elise below
- Turn 4: Arthur above, Effie below
- None

Special Events
- ?

General Strategy:
- Objective: Rout the enemy
- Available units: 2 (Corrin + 1)
- Dragon Vein:

You have very few units so position them carefully to keep the healers protected, although they can survive getting attacked once (except by the boss). Also try to kill the enemies quickly before you get overwhelmed as they all start to move after a few turns. Even the boss moves starting on turn 5.

Most of the faceless have poison strike, grisly wound and/or savage blow which deals damage even if the enemy doesn’t attack back, which can cause even Effie to fall after a couple attacks. The poison damage can’t kill a unit and there is no damage if the faceless dies while attacking. Be careful of the defense stance Faceless, they have seal speed.

Monster Faceless
Weapons and items:
- Gauntlet
Level 8 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 31 11 2 11 12 0 13 8
Weapon Lv.
Mov. 5
Wary Fighter, Savage Blow, Grisly Wound

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