Chapter 8: Cold Reception

- Nohr Route
- Gold for visiting villages: 1000 for 1 village, 5000 for 2 villages, 10000 for 3 or more villages
- Talisman (boss)

New Characters
- Turn 2: Niles and Odin
- Appear when enemy soldier visits nearby house
  - Purple: Dark Mages
  - Red: Fighters

Special Events
- ?

General Strategy:
- Objective: Defeat the boss
- Available units: 6 (Corrin + 5)
- Dragon Vein: Melt the ice to make a lake for 1 turn

There are 2 soldiers that have 3 movement that walk around the map visiting the villages. If they visit a village before one of your units, many reinforcements appear. Try to visit as many villages before the soldiers can so that there are less enemies to fight and because you get a gold reward if you visit them first (10000 gold if you visit at least 3). Use mounted units and/or the freeze staff that Elise starts with on the soldiers to get to the villages first, however be careful of Flora who also has a freeze staff.

Each dragon vein can be used once, they both turn all the icy tiles in the middle into water tiles blocking any units from moving (unless you used my castle to change on of your units into a flier), which can be helpful if you are getting overwhelmed or you need to slow down a soldier from reaching a village.
Niles has a very high res stat that makes him very useful for fighting enemy mages from 2 range. Try not to use the freeze staff too many times because it is very useful in chapter 10.

Flora Maid
Weapons and items:
- Steel Dagger
- Freeze
Level 1 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 27 11 8 16 9 6 8 13+2
Weapon Lv.
S, B
Mov. --
Icy Blood, Resistance +2, Demoiselle

Defeating Flora is simple but be careful of her Icy blood when attacking from 2 range so you aren't surprised by the damage. Her freeze staff can also be very annoying when trying to visit villages or move.

Kilma Sorcerer
Weapons and items:
- Nosferatu
- Talisman
Level 3 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 30 2 15 10 7 5 9 12
Weapon Lv.
Mov. --
Vantage, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker

Kilma on the other hand is very dangerous and difficult to kill because he has nosferatu and vantage, A strong Corrin might be able to 1 round the boss if the boss attacks first, especially if he was weakened by Felicia/Jakob, otherwise you can slowly kill him with a high res unit like Niles or Felicia.

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