Chapter 9: Another Trial

- Nohr Route
1: Bronze Naginata
2: Rescue (Staff)
A: 3000 Gold
B: Heart Seal

New Characters
- From start: Azura, Nyx (Talk with Corrin).
- Capturable: Haitaka.
When ending turn in the green area:
- 4 Spear fighters, from above staircase.
- 3 Archers, from right staircase.
- 2 Aamurai, from lower staircase.

Special Events
- ?

General Strategy:
- Objective: Rout the enemy.
- Available units: 9 (Corrin, Azura + 7).
- Dragon Vein: Call acid rain to drop all units' HP to 1.

X's are breakable walls with 15 hp.

Azura starts by herself, don't forget her. The low level samurai near her walks in a patrol around the area, stay out of his range until you get the bronze naginata from the chest (Azura comes with a chest key).
You can also use Azura to trigger the dragon vein in the corner to reduce enemies in the green area and 2 tiles below it to 1 hp. Be warned, against guard stance enemies, it only reduces the enemy in front to 1 hp, the other one still has full hp.

Your main army can either go through the main entrance or break the wall by Nyx (who is recruited by talking with Corrin). All 5 enemies near the start are linked, so be careful.
Be careful of the shrine maiden because she has the enfeeble staff (-4 to every stat for one turn). You might need to spend turns baiting her enfeeble staff on units that you don't want to use or won't get attacked.
Also 1 of the archers has a Shining bow (uses magic) and 1 of the spear fighter reinforcements has a bolt naginata. They are both 1-2 range magic weapons so you can't just use Effie to tank them because she will likely be ORKO'd.

Haitaka Spear Fighter
Weapons and items:
- Steel Nageyari
Level 10 HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Lunatic 31 15 0 16 13 7 11 +1 6 +1
Weapon Lv.
Mov. --
Seal Defence, Rally Defense, Strong Riposte

If you built the prison in your castle, at the end of chapter 8, you can capture Haitaka with Niles. He is a fairly strong unit and he has Rally Defense. Overall he is very useful at least for chapter 10 which is a hard chapter even if you don't plan on using him the whole game. Sadly you don't get to keep his Steel Nageyari when you capture him.

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