Prologue: The coming of the Holy Knight

- Main Objective: Seize Evans -

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In the turn 1 enemy, Jungby:

Also, the bridge next to Evans disappears until the turn after Jungby is seized.
  • Changes when conquering castles or by turns
    1. In the enemy turn after taking Jungby. Midir appears as a blue unit next to where Gandolf begins. Arvis appears as an ally and attacks immediately.
  • Special Events
    • --
  • Important Items
    • A. Speed Ring (marked village)
    • Silver Sword (Sigurd-Arvis conversation, for Sigurd).
  • Important conversations
    • Quan-Sigurd
    • Ethlyn-Sigurd
    • Lex-Sigurd
    • Azelle-Sigurd
  • New characters
    • - Sigurd (lord knight), Naoise (social knight), Alec (social knight), and Arden (sword armor): At the start.
      - Azelle (mage) and Lex (axe knight): Appears at the start of the second turn (higher blue square)
      - Quan (duke knight), Ethlyn (troubadour) and Finn (lance knight): Appears at the start of the third turn (lower blue square)
      - Midir (arch knight): Joins after conquering Jungby castle.

General strategy
1. Jungby
Your first objective is Jungby castle, which was plundered by Gandolf and his bandits. Gandolf will defeat Midir (the castle's defender) and will take princess Edain with him. The axe fighter close to Gandolf's DiMaggio, the first boss you'll have to defeat, I'll comment about that later. You start at Chalphy castle, with Sigurd, Naoise, Alec and Arden. If this is your first time playing, I recommend leaving the defence of Chalphy to Arden, in case of emergency (it's important to protect your castles from enemy attack, because they can destroy them and end the game). As turns go by, other comrades will join you, such as Quan and Ethlyn, among others. Most of your enemies are brigands and use axes, so it's no big deal to defeat them with sword users, defeat all of them and continue forward to Jungby.

Villages will give you some info among with some money (remember, the higher the damaged caused to the village, the less money you'll get when you save it). However, there's a very important village you have to save, the one in the red square; there, they'll give you a Speed Ring, an item that boosts speed by 5 points, perfect for Sigurd. As you can see, there are small houses with a cross on them, those are the churches. If you stay on them they'll heal you. However, it's not free, it takes 5 coins per hit point, but... do 5 coins even matter when you start with 2000? Use them without doubt when you get gravely wounded.

Boss - Data
- Class: Axe Fighter (of level 10)
- Items: Steel Axe
- Weapon level: A
- Skills: None
Leadership Blood --
Money 2000

DiMaggio isn't much of a problem, if you're gravely wounded, visit the churches. You can also attack him with Azelle's magic. I recommend training a bit with this boss, especially with underleveled characters. When you hit the boss you get EXP, if you get hurt you visit the church, if the boss is about to die let him recover, repeat. When you consider you've trained enough, defeat him and conquer Jungby, but BEFORE THAT, leave all your units (except Sigurd) close to the forest, or leave Arden on the bridge. When you're there, conquer Jungby (you'll see why).

2. Evans

Remember the broken bridge? Well, after conquering Jungby, Gerrard will send a dozen of bandits to counterattack, that's why I told you about leaving your units close to the forest, or Arden on the bridge. The latter method is better, since you can take on your enemies one by one. Another thing; in that same turn, Arvis will appear (orange circle) as a NPC, he can help you kill some enemies. And well, he'll have a talk with Sigurd in which he'll give him a Silver Sword, YAY. After that, he'll go away.

Boss - Data
- Class: Axe Fighter (of level 20)
- Items: Steel Axe, Hand Axe
- Weapon level: A
- Skills: None
Leadership Blood --
Money 2000

Same as the other boss, only this one's much better for training because of his high level. You can kill him from distance with Azelle or Midir to level him up. After that, you can seize the castle to end the mission.


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