Chapter 1: Girl of the spirit forest

- Main objective: Seize Verdane -

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After taking Marpha:

The forest between Verdane and Marpha opens
  • Changes when conquering castles or by turns
    1. Turn 2. Dew and Edain appears.
    2. In the enemy turn after taking Genoa. The "Neutral" returns to Nodion's castle
    3. In the enemy turn after taking Genoa. Allies start to attacking Elliot until he and his units are killed.
    4. In the enemy turn after taking Marpha.
  • Special Events
    • A. Hero axe (send Lex to the red square, MUST HAVE his Iron Axe).
  • Important Items
    • Hand axe (defeat Kinbois).
    • Skill ring (defeat Gandolf).
    • Magic ring (defeat Sandima).
    • Return staff (Edain-Ethlyn dialog, for Ethlyn).
    • Warp staff (Dew-Edain dialog after conquering Genoa, for Edain).
  • Important conversations
    • Quan-Finn
      +1 Str, +1 Skill, +1 Def for Finn.
    • Edain-Ethlyn
      Return Staff for Ethlyn.
    • Sigurd-Ayra
      You can recruit Ayra after conquering Genoa.
    • Dew-Edain
      Warp Staff for Edain.
    • Edain-Jamke
      Jamke joins.
    • Azelle/Midir-Edain.
    • Sigurd-Edain.
    • Ayra-Quan
      After conquering Genoa.
  • New characters
    • - Dew (thief) and Edain (priest): They appear at the start of turn 2 (southern blue square).
      - Ayra (swordfighter): Talk to her with Sigurd after conquering Genoa.
      - Jamke (bow fighter): Talk to him with Edain.
      - Dierdre (Shaman): When crossing the forest between Marpha and Verdane with Sigurd.

General strategy
1. Genoa
Our first mission starts at Verdane, the kingdom of the bandits who attacked Grandbell. The first ones to attack will be the ones at castle Genoa. Kinbois, along with his bandits, will go after your castle, so it's necessary to face them immediately. But before going out of Evans, it'd be recommendable to buy some weapons in the shop, and also visit the arena to train your units. Well, the enemies aren't different from the ones from the prologue, that is, just brigands and hunters. The villages will give you some info about Verdane, but no important items. Save them anyway. At the end of the first turn, Jamke, the youngest prince of Verdane, will free Dew and Edain, so both will appear outside Marpha castle (blue square). After discovering this, Gandolf will send some reinforcements to kill them, so it's imperative to send someone to help them, like Sigurd or Quan.

Kill all nearby enemies, but don't go to far, because there is a very powerful swordfighter next to Genoa. To recruit Ayra, you have to move her away from the castle and put a bait (like Quan) in the lower blue circle, so the axe fighter will attack him and then Ayra will go after him. Send Sigurd to the higher circle, so he can conquer Genoa. Needless to say, you have to put the rest of your units as far away as possible. After doing that and conquering Genoa, you can recruit that swordfighter talking to her with Sigurd.

Boss - Data
- Class: Warrior (of level 10)
- Items: Silver Axe, Hand Axe
- Weapon level: A , B
- Skills: None
Leadership Blood --
Money 3000

Very simple, just be careful with his silver axe, which can be lethal for units with low HP. Attack him with swords and he'll go down very soon. You'll get a hand axe after beating him.

2. Marpha
After conquering Genoa, Elliot of Augustria will try to seize Evans, but don't worry, because in the middle of it there'll be a very entertaining sequence. Go after Marpha to defeat Gandolf, the miserable man who took Edain. This way is much easier, since there aren't many enemies left... When you're close to the enemies in the castle, put a sword wielding unit with good avoid (like Sigurd) as bait and when all the enemies are close, defeat them. I recommend placing your units in the forest before conquering the castle, since your next enemies will come from there.

Boss - Data
- Class: Warrior (of level 20)
- Items: Hand axe, skill ring
- Weapon level: A , B
- Skills: None
Leadership Blood --
Money 3000

Not very strong, but he might give you some trouble. If you feel like it, you can train for a bit with him, as I explained with the bosses in the previous chapter. When you kill him you'll get a skill ring (+5 skill).

3. Verdane
This part is a bit more tedious, because you'll enter the forest and some of your units can barely advance. Jamke will go after you, and the forest has a very narrow corridor where only one character can fit, although this can be good for you since you can defeat your enemies one by one. Jamke has a killer bow which is very dangerous (in fact he can crit up to 4 times), so the best thing would be sending a character with good defence and swords (all enemies have axes), and Edain behind him so she can talk to him.
A good idea is to use Ayra, because she has the Awareness Skill (it negates skills, and criticals too), but is still possible to loose her from two attacks from Jamke.

When you enter or exit the forest with Sigurd, Deirdre will join you. Nothing special, but she can save you, because she has a Silence staff which you can use against Sandima. Defeat all the bandits and go after King Bator's murderer to finish the mission. By the way, you can go to the red square in the peninsula with Lex, so he can get a hero axe.

Boss - Data
- Class: Dark Mage (of level 10)
- Items: Fenrir, Yotsmung, Magic ring
- Weapon level: B , B
- Skills: None
Leadership Blood --
Money 3000

Sandima is a bit tougher than the other bosses, since he has Fenrir, a long range spell. If Deirdre has her staff you can silence him easily and then attack him with all your units. When you defeat him you'll get a magic ring (+5 magic), I recommend giving it to Azelle.

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