Prelude of Thracia 776

This section covers the events that serve as context to the game's events. It is a complete compilation of facts and events given by 3 main sources: the first is information provided by the game, the second are events (and spoilers) from FE4, and the third is Leonster's Fall, a short novel written by the game's developers which was included in the “Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Illustrated Works” book.

The story takes place in the Thracian Peninsula, a territory that was born a unified kingdom under the rule of the twin crusaders: Dáinn and Njörun. This kingdom would last until roughly 100 years before the events of the game, when bad blood between the crusaders' descendants caused its split and the birth of 2 separate nations: the Munster Province to the north, and the Kingdom of Thracia to the south.
The Munster Province is made up of 4 allied kingdoms: Ulster, Munster, Leonster and Connaught. This nation is covered in vast and fertile land, which grants them stability and prominence. The Kingdom of Thracia, meanwhile, is a nation filled in its entirety by mountains and rough terrain, being mostly sustained by doing mercenary work for the other nations of Jugdral.

In the year 760 of the grannvalian calendar, Prince Quan of Leonster returns home after a long journey of helping his lifelong friend Sigurd. After staying in his dominion for a year, Quan gets approval and support from his father, King Kalf, to once again ride off in Sigurd's aid, this time bringing with him half of the Lanzenritter: Leonster's royal army. His wife Ethlyn, Sigurd's younger sister, not only insists on going, but also pleads to take their young daughter Altena on their journey. Quan vehemently declines, but gives in after Ethlyn promises to go home when they arrive at the Aed Desert, being worried about their youngest son Leif, who was just a newborn, being left behind in Leonster.

As Quan and his troops arrive in the desert, they are suddenly ambushed by the dracoknights of Thracia, led by King Travant himself. The Lanzenritter are completely massacred, with Quan being the only one able to put up a fight thanks in part to the holy lance Gáe Bolg. However, as Travant picks up Altena from the hands of Ethlyn's corpse, he orders Quan to surrender the Gáe Bolg unless he wants his daughter to share their same fate. And thus, Quan faced his demise at the hands of Travant.

Shortly after Quan and Ethlyn's untimely demise, Sigurd's army also fell, in what would become known as the Battle of Belhalla.
Lady Lachesis, princess of House Nordion of Agustria and survivor of said battle, is granted political shelter in Leonster by King Kalf. It is here where she reunites with Finn, whom she had met while he and Quan served in Sigurd's army, and who is now the caretaker of the orphaned Prince Leif. During this time, they both become close (possibly even starting a relationship), and Lachesis soon gives birth to her daughter Nanna.

Peace does not last, however, as only a year later, the entire Munster Province finds itself under attack by Thracian forces, hellbent on conquest.
The Province starts with very bad footing, due to Ulster’s unwillingness to send any troops or participate, combined with the fact that Leonster's army is still weak and recovering. And so it is up to King Kalf of Leonster, the King of Munster, and King Carl of Connaught to defend their homeland.
The state of the war soon worsens as Raydrik, a general of Connaught, has King Carl quietly assassinated and takes control of the Kingdom. While he does continue supporting the Province at first, he eventually betrays them at the decisive battle of River Thracia, in a massacre that ends with the death of not only countless knights, but King Kalf's as well.

With Connaught betraying them, Leonster's king falling in battle and Ulster still unwilling to act, soon enough Castle Leonster finds itself under a massive siege that ends with the castle in flames and the near extermination of Leonster's knights.
Amidst the chaos, Finn and Lachesis miraculously escape with Leif and Nanna. Before fully leaving the castle behind, Finn is forced to part with many allies like his friends Glade and Selphina, Duke Dryas and General Xavier, while they distract the Thracians to try and ensure the Prince's safety. It is here where Finn makes a promise to Glade: that Finn shall ensure the Prince's safety, while Glade ensures the name of Leonster's knights lives on.

After Thracia's crushing victory, Travant's ambitions quickly crumble as the Grannvale Empire arrives at their doorstep, wishing to take the Munster Province as part of their continental conquest.
Following massive defeats for the Thracians, the war ends after a battle in Melgen, where Raydrik's troops turn their coat yet again and ally themselves with the Empire. This proves to be the final blow that forces Thracia to cede all of its newly acquired territories to the Dukedom of Frieg, who had been sent by the Empire to conquer and now govern these lands. Raydrik is awarded a dukedom in Munster by King Blume of Friege for his service in the war.

Meanwhile, after leaving Castle Leonster behind, Finn, Leif, Nanna and Lachesis find shelter in Ulster, but 2 years later they are forced to flee after being discovered by the Empire. Because of his actions, King Ulster is executed and Princess Miranda is put into house arrest, while the fate of Queen Ethniu is unknown.

After this, they come to the village of Hrest where they stay for another 2 years. Here, Leif befriends a young boy named Asbel. However, they are soon betrayed by its citizens and have to flee once again, to the independent city of Tahra, where Leif meets the Duke and his daughter, Lady Linoan.
During this time, Lachesis goes on a journey to the Kingdom of Isaach, in an attempt to reach her older son Diarmuid, whom she was separated from before reaching Leonster. She disappears on her way through the Aed Desert, her whereabouts unknown ever since. 2 years after their arrival in Tahra, Leif’s group is forced to leave again, with the Duke being executed and Linoan put under house arrest.

After travelling through many towns and villages, Finn is gravely injured after fending off some of their pursuers. It is then that they arrive in the village of Fiana, led by a swordmaster named Eyvel who welcomes them as if they were her own kin. Here, Leif and Nanna are able to spend 3 peaceful years alongside children of common birth such as Osian, Halvan, and Mareeta, Eyvel's adoptive daughter. Together, they join the Fiana Freeblades, a local militia founded by Eyvel to protect nearby villages from pirates and brigands.

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