Chapter 11x: Desperate Ground

You can see each enemy’s inventory by placing the cursor over his on the image. The blue squares with numbers are your unit’s starting places, according to the list on the Battle Preparations (left to right, up and down, you can try to adjust them).

Main objective: Take the throne

This is an optional chapter: You must complete the previous chapter in less than 30 turns,
made Leif enter the yellow area, and kept Fred alive.

Note: During Turn 30, the boss will open the door and start to escape.

Items, Villages, Treasure:
- If the children manage to escape, you will receive certain items in the next chapter.

New units:
- Fred (Paladin) joins at the start of Turn 2 if he got out of the previous chapter alive
- Olwen (Mage knight). Speak to her with Fred to recruit her.

Enemy reinforcements:
- Turn 8: 6 soldiers from the right.
- Turns 10 and 15, approximately: 6 soldiers from the left, including one where Fred appears.

Special Event:
- Talks: Leif > Olwen (Olwen must be ally)

General Strategy:
- Minimum number of units you can use: 6 + 1 (Turn 2)
- Maximum number of units: 8 + 1 (Turn 2) + 1 (recruitable)

Ok, this map is a continuation of the previous chapter, but it's different because it has Fog of War, so I hope you've got a good amount of torches in your inventory; you'll need them not just here, but in the next two chapters as well. If, however, you ran out of torches, you can use the Torch staff from the last mission with Nanna or Safy. This map is full of enemies, but almost all of them are low-level units, so I recommend using this opportunity to train the weakest members of your team. Also, be sure to bring a thief or keys because you'll have to open some doors.

At the start try to go into by the corridor with your best unit who can use 1-2 range weapons, because all enemies there have the same type and you can kill them in a single turn. Though, if you could not survive, place that unit in the border of the corridor and only the soldiers will attack him.
The most important thing here is to rescue Olwen at all costs, since she's vulnerable to attack from enemy units, and in fact they can kill her in as little as three turns, so keep an eye on her. The other thing that can make this chapter a little difficult is the useless Bishop boss who has long-distance spells, which can kill the children in one hit if you open their cell and don't take them to the exit (next to where Fred appears). If you manage to get the kids out alive, you'll receive another scroll in the next chapter.

Fred will appear on the following turn in order to help Olwen and brings with him Olwen's personal Light tome, Daim (or Dime) Thunder. It's similar to Thunder, except much stronger and can attack twice. So when you rescue her, give her the tome. Some reinforcements will appear after a few turns. They're not really a big deal since they're just soldiers… but they can capture the children or kill them (if they can't capture them in the first place), so eliminate them immediately, or at least rescue the kids so that they can't be killed. And when you've got everything under control, defeat the boss.

Boss - Data
- Class: Bishop (Level 8)
- Weapon Level: C A A B
- Skills: None.
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 26 3 8 9 2 3 5 10 --
Leadership 1 Double atk. Crit. 0
- Bolting
- Meteor
- Physic
- Door Key
Mov. Stars (Vigor)
(stats vary)

This boss's stats can vary, so don't worry if in your game he appears with different stats. Simply capture him since he doesn't have weapons to defend himself. Also, try to capture the enemies who have Wind since it's a pretty rare tome. Anyway, the boss will leave when 30 turns have passed.

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