Chapter 16A: Nordrhein

Main objective: Take the castle

You can see each enemy’s inventory by placing the cursor over his on the image. The blue squares with numbers are your unit’s starting places, according to the list on the Battle Preparations (left to right, up and down, you can try to adjust them).

(On the right side of the map, there is a group of 4 ballistae. The ballista in the center of that group is on a fort…I'm not sure how attacks against him can miss.)

Items, Villages, Treasure:
1. Holy Water
2. Bridge Key
3. Sleuf. He joins when you enter with Leif
4. Master Seal
- You can steal:
  - Sol Manual (Ilios)
  - Nihil Manual (Conomor)
  - Sleep Edge from 3 Cavaliers, which can help you in later chapters and in the next, but you need a Sleep to put them to sleep before you can steal from them.

New units:
- Ilios (Mage knight). You have to speak to him with Karin. He'll join if Olwen is not a member of your team – that is, she's either dead or was never recruited in the first place.
- Sleuf (Priest). He joins when you enter into one of the houses with Leif, but only if you visited the church in Chapter 15.
   (Apparently there's nothing that indicates why Olwen must not be part of your team in order for Ilios to join.)

Enemy reinforcements:
- Turn 5: 2 pirates from the north of the map (the guy who appears on the right will destroy House 3 on Turn 13 if you don't stop him).
- Turn 12: 2 pirates from the south, on the right side of the map (the guy who appears on the left will destroy House 4 on Turn 14 if you don't stop him).
- Turn 15: 8 Pegasus riders from the mountains to the south (they won't move unless you're nearby)
- Turn 20: Conomor, along with 11 Cavaliers (near where you began).

Special Event:
- Talks: Olwen > Kempf (Kempf's units will start to move).

General Strategy:
- Minimum number of units you can use: 8
- Maximum number of units: 16 + 2 (recruitable)

Now you're just a short distance from Leonster. There's just one obstacle, Fort Nohrden, which is where the Empire is preparing its attack. The truth is that this chapter can be easy or hard depending on your units' strength and defense, but it's really not that hard.
For this chapter you need to move fast, especially if you intend to rescue the nearby villages (it's really important that you save house 2 because there they'll give you a Bridge Keythat will help you fix the broken bridge, which will give Leif easy access to Sleuf's house). Therefore, I recommend that you use your mounted units, and especially your flyers, to advance more rapidly. In any case, the beginning of the chapter is a little complicated since you have to face Ilios's squadron (Ilios is the first Mage knight). Some of his troops have Knight Killers, which are really effective against mounted units, and others have Sleep Edges (which will send a unit to sleep on contact), so be careful.

Boss - Data
- Class: Mage knight (Level 8)
- Weapon Level: A D A D
- Skills: Miracle, Sol
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 40 11 9 13 14 14 10 6 8
Leadership 3 Double atk. Crit. 0
- Bolting
- Master Sword
- Thoron
- Sol Manual
Mov. Stars (Vigor)

You can recruit him if you don't have Olwen on your team (or if you didn't go to Chapter 11x, or if she died somewhere along the way), but if you do, you'll have to kill him. The truth is that as a boss, he's really annoying since he can attack from long distances with Bolting, in addition to having skills like Miracle (increases avoid) and Sol (which enables him to drain energy on contact). This guy also comes packing the Sol Manual, which teaches the Sol skill, so make sure you get it no matter what. A good thief will also be able to steal some of his weapons.

Once you've defeated him, continue making your way toward the bridge, but be careful about placing your units in the range of the ballistae; you already know why I'm telling you this. Up ahead is General Kempf's squadron, but unlike the others, this group will not move unless Kempf gives the order to attack. Kill them off one by one and keep out of the range of the ballistae. When the area is cleared of his units, you'll face Kempf again.

Boss - Data
- Class: Mage Knight (Level 10)
- Weapon Level: A D A D
- Skills: None.
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 40 13 9 13 13 10 10 14 8
Leadership 3 Double atk. Crit. 2
- Venin Edge
- Thoron
Mov. Stars (Vigor)

Here he is, the same coward from Chapter 11. It would be great if you taught him a lesson with Olwen. Speaking of which, if you talk to him with Olwen, Kempf will order all his units to charge, and it was for that reason that I told you to kill them first so that you wouldn't have problems with him later. Anyway, you can also steal his weapons with a thief. He's not very hard; once you take care of him, continue with the annoying ballistae.

By the way, on Turn 15, some Pegasus riders will appear on the mountains near the coliseum. Be sure to deal with them as soon as possible (or at least avoid them by advancing rapidly through the chapter) because they have Knight Killers, which can in fact kill your mounted units with a single hit. The rest is a piece of cake.

Boss - Data
- Class: General (Level 16)
- Weapon Level: A C A A
- Skills: None.
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 46 17 5 14 10 12 18 19 --
Leadership 2 Double atk. Crit. 0
- Master Lance
- Armorslayer
- Master Bow
- Horseslayer
Mov. Stars (Vigor)

This boss isn't that difficult, but he can attack twice thanks to his Master Lance, so attack him with a unit that has lots of HP, and be sure to equip said unit with a good weapon to make the job a little bit easier. Also, you can weaken him with a mage so that you can capture him afterward, which would be much better because of all the weapons that he has. Before taking the fort, be sure that you've recruited Sleuf. You can also train all you want in the coliseum, which is advisable; the next chapter will complicate things a little.

Boss - Data
- Class: Paladin (Level 13)
- Weapon Level: A A
- Skills: Charge
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 39 13 3 18 11 4 12 13 10
Leadership 4 Double atk. Crit. 2
- Master Lance
- Killing Edge
- Nihil Manual
Mov. Stars (Vigor)

Conomor is a boss who'll arrive after Turn 20, together with some more of Alster's horsemen. It would be good if you killed him since you can't recruit him on this route, and really he'll only cause you problems later on. But before that, he has an Nihil Manual, which can nullify an enemy's skills, which is not very useful because most enemies don't even have skills (and Nihil does not cancel weapon effectiveness, such as the effect of arrows on a flying unit, like in FE4). Once you have it, think about which unit you'll give it to.
And about Conomor's squad: if you kill one unit, the rest of them will start to flee, so they shouldn't give you a lot of trouble. And when you've trained sufficiently in the coliseum, just take the fort.

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