Chapter 24x: The Loptrian Altar

You can see each enemy’s inventory by placing the cursor over his on the image. The blue squares with numbers are your unit’s starting places, according to the list on the Battle Preparations (left to right, up and down, you can try to adjust them).

Main objective: Escape

This is an optional chapter: You must have obtained the Kaia Staff in the previous chapter and kept Sara alive and on your team.

All of the Berserkers have the Wrath skill!
(The purple floor tiles give +10 magic to all of your units and enemy units).

There are some points on the map that will transport a unit onto the pale blue "X" as soon as that unit lands on one of them, and I have marked each of those locations on the map with red circles. In case one of your units ends his turn on one and is transported, use a Rescue since there's no exit from that room and the unfortunate unit will be easy prey for the reinforcements.
The only way to avoid them is by not putting your units on them, but you can also avoid them if:
- The unit opens a door (or just uses an item).
- The unit rescues/drop another unit while standing on the transporting tile.
- A rescued unit is dropped on a transporting tile.
- One unit trades a unit while on a transporting tile.
- The use of a Warp or Rewarp staff lands a unit on one of the tiles.

Items, Villages, Treasure:
1. Master Seal
2. Power Ring
3. Shield Ring

New units:
- Eyvel (Swordmaster). Use the Kaia Staff on her and talk to her with Leif or Mareeta.

Enemy reinforcements:
- Turn 1 to 32: 4 Sorcerers (from the 4 upper stairs).
- Turn 1 to 20: 1 Sniper and 1 Hero (lower stairs).

Special Event:
- Talks:
  Leif > Eyvel*
  Mareeta > Eyvel*
  *Eyvel must be normal.

General Strategy:
- Minimum number of units you can use: 8
- Maximum number of units: 16 + 1 (recruitable)
- Important: If you are playing with the English translation patch, don't place the cursor above the Mercenaries (units similar to Galzus) unless you disabled the option that allows units' statistics to be displayed when you place the cursor over them. This bug will cause the game to freeze.

Technically, this is the penultimate mission in the game. By now, you should have a well-defined, strong team to confront what lies ahead. About the difficulty… well yeah, it's a little tough, but not too bad. Just use the same strategy as in previous chapters; use your best staff users, give them good staves (at least two or three should have Restore staves and Holy Water… since here you'll be attacked by staves too) and powerful spells.
The Rescue will be very useful here, same with the Warp and Rewarp staves so that your units don't end up scattered all over the map. In summary, use without fear all the items and weapons at your disposal; you only need to leave enough for one more chapter.

Also make sure to use some of your thieves for the doors and chests, or just give them the corresponding keys, or just ignore all chest if you have enough. Oh, and the most important thing is that you bring with you a good stash of torches and antidotes since, on one hand, this map uses Fog of War, and on the other, it's full of reinforcements. Among them are Sorcerers (be careful with their Hel spell, which will take your HP all the way down to 1).

As for Eyvel, just guide Sara (with her Kaia Staff) to her and then use the staff. When Eyvel recovers, she'll automatically change into a neutral unit who can be spoken to with Leif or Mareeta. As for the rest, just make sure you move quickly, trying to eliminate the reinforcements as soon as possible so that you can continue moving forward.

Boss - Data
- Class: Dark Bishop (Level 15)
- Weapon Level: A D E
- Skills: None.
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 45 8 10 +10 11 12 5 12 14 --
Leadership 0 Double atk. Crit. 0
- Poison
- Berserk Staff
- Jörmungandr
Mov. Stars (Vigor)
(stats vary)

This Dark Bishop is an enemy just like any other, and I don't think it'll take much to defeat him. His stats might vary, but not that much. It would be good if you could defeat him in the first few turns since he'll become a real problem due to his Berserk Staff. The exit is underneath him; use it when all your units are in the main altar or are close by.

In order to defeat the "boss" on your first turn and remove all the difficulty from the chapter, you can transport with the Warp Staff one or two units toward the red arrow, and if their avoid is high enough (60-70), then they can avoid everything.
Also if you don't leave them on the arrow (leave him where the door was, open it) you will attract almost all of the self-warping units. This will permit you to advance freely through the rest of the map, and the unit in question will receive only a few hits from the wave of enemies that will not have much space to attack. The same will happen if by mistake a strong unit is transported to the lower room.
Really, in this chapter a strong unit can evade attacks from all the enemies, and if you manage to place your unit on the red arrow you will gain +20 avoid… the only problems are the Mercenaries (with Sleep Edges) and Snipers that appear from time to time.

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