Chapter 9: The Banner of Njörun

Main objective: Escape

You can see each enemy’s inventory by placing the cursor over his on the image. The blue squares with numbers are your unit’s starting places, according to the list on the Battle Preparations (left to right, up and down, you can try to adjust them).

Items, Villages, Treasure:
1. Fjalar scroll
2. Stamina Drink
- Paragon Sword (Carrion-Selphina conversation)
- Vulnerary 600
- Torch 500
- Heal 2200
- Thunder 3200
- Stamina Drink 5000
- Iron Lance 2200
- Steel Lance 3200
- Slim Lance 2000
- Steel Bow 3200

New units:
- Selphina (Bow Knight), Cain (Lance knight), Alva (lance knight), Robert (Bow Knight), join at the start of the chapter.

Enemy reinforcements:
- None.

Special Event:
- Talks:
  Leif > Selphina
  Selphina > Finn
  Carrion > Selphina (Paragon Sword)

General Strategy:
- Minimum number of units you can use: 6 + 4 (at the beginning)
- Maximum number of units: 8 + 4 (at the beginning)

Another easy chapter. The big house on the other side of the map is Hannibal's mansion, the general who helped you when you went to his castle in Chapter 7. Some of Leonster's nobles took refuge there, most importantly Dorias, the game's other strategist. It's important that you help your allies on the other side of the map because if the enemies arrive at the mansion and take it, it's game over. The enemies have low levels, ideal for training your weaker units; the only enemies you need to worry about are the ones in the Thracian dragon squadron, who are patrolling the area.

If you have problems keeping Selphina's group alive, send Karin over with some Vulnerary. You should also leave one of the four allies behind to protect the mansion (it gives a nice stat boost), and place the rest of them on the mountain and forest tiles to increase their avoid. Doing so can actually get their avoid really high, to the point where they should be able to avoid almost all of the enemy's attacks. Bring some of those long-distance staves to cure them, though, just in case.

There's also a meteobishop who's pretty annoying; try to capture him so you can take his tomes and staves. Send Karin, the Pegasus girl, over to rescue the two houses. In one you'll find a Fjalar scroll, different than the scrolls that you've obtained before. In the other you'll find a stamina drink, which can cure fatigue (it's important that you buy stamina drinks at the shop for future missions, and also be sure to buy torches if you haven't done so already). There's a coliseum in this level, but it's not important that you go since in the next chapter there's another one where you can train without all the stress. For now, just go help your units and afterward, escape.

Boss - Data
- Class: Dracoknight (Level 6)
- Weapon Level: A B
- Skills: None.
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Con Mov
Stats 42 16 3 14 14 10 14 16 9
Leadership 1 Double atk. Crit. 1
- Killer Lance
- Javelin
- Vulnerary
Mov. Stars (Vigor)

His Killer Lance is dangerous, so be careful. Other than that, you can kill him, and the other Dracoknights, in one hit using Asbel's Grafcalibur if you make him go near you.

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