Chapter 11H: Another Journey

"Hector's Story" Or "Hector's Mode" is the same as Eliwood's, but from Hector's point of view.
A few chapters and enemies vary, as well as some dialogues. It's not that there's another story after the last chapter.

Chapter's objective: Defeat Wire

1. Red gem
- Steal:
  A. Vulnerary x2
- Drops when killed:
  B. Vulnerary x2

New Characters:
- Hector, Matthew.

- None

You have only two characters for this mission, Hector and Matthew, first thing you have to take into account is what path will you take, if you want to level up and obtain a vulnerary, you must open the door and go to the area below. But if you want to finish this chapter quickly and without much trouble, you must break the wall and continue to the left. Don't worry about the chest, there are no thieves in this chapter, so it'd be for the best to head up, defeat the archer and soldier and then go for the chest. After this you go out from where you came and head towards Wire.

Boss Data

Knight - Level 7
"One of the Black Fang. Hunts after Hector."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 25 9 6 3 3 13 3 13
- Iron lance
- Vulnerary

You can defeat Wire easily, first place Hector two squares away of Wire and attack him with the Hand Axe,
then you approach him and attack him with the Wolf Beil.

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