Chapter 12H: Birds of a Feather

Chapter's objective: Defeat all enemies

- Secret book (from the village)

New Characters:
- Oswin, Serra, Eliwood, Marcus, Dorcas, Bartre, Rebecca y Lowen.

- None

For this mission your units are divided into two groups, first thing you have to do is send Marcus to get the Secret book from the village, then try to regroup taking into account the Peg Knights that have a great movement range and can make the situation a little uncomfortable. I recommend to have Oswin and Hector on the forefront with Rebecca behind to dispose of the Peg knights, the rest will be simple enough if you join Eliwood team with Hector's, or if you try to attract a few enemies with the former.

Boss Data

Fighter - Level 9
"A Caelin bandit. Fights for pleasure more than money."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 32 11 4 6 2 6 5 14
- Iron Axe

You have multiple options to defeat Zagan, if you want you can attack him from a distance with Rebecca, Lowen and Bartre, then attack him with Matthew and if he's still alive, you finish him off with Eliwood. Just try to stop him from finishing his turn on a mountain or forest, or his evasion will be greatly raised.

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