Chapter 15H: Talons Alight

Chapter's objective: Protect the throne for 7 turns.

1. Silver Axe
2. Mend
- Steal:
  A. Lockpick
  B. Vulnerary
  C. Door Key
- Drops when killed:
  - Steel Bow (boss)

New Characters:
- None.

- Turn 3: Fighter from the top left part of the map.
- Turns 3 and 4:
   Myrmidon from the entrance on the bottom edge (left).
   Mercenary from the entrance on the bottom edge (right).
- Turn 5 and 7: Two Cavalier from the spaces above and below the boss.

"Ah... I see you are surrounded,
or soon will be. A dangerous
situation, to be sure...
Don't worry about defeating
every foe you face. Just
mind your defenses.
And beware the enemy leader.
Do not foolishly anger him.
Observe his reach and the
extent of his powers.
Those with weak defenses
would do well to remain behind.
That's common sense, yes?
What else... Oh, yes. Of course.
If you would protect your
valuables, watch out for
If you don't, they'll steal
your eyes from their
sockets, they will! "

Yes, this is one of the Hector's story exclusive chapters, but it doesn't have anything special. In this chapter you have to protect the throne for 7 turns, so it's highly recommendable that you form a barrier on the front entrance to the throne, said barrier must be formed by Oswin, Hector and Marcus/Bartre. You must be cautious too with the back door because one of the enemies has a door key and they'll try to attack you from behind, so it'd be for the best to place Eliwood and Erk there, they should be able to defeat any enemy that dares to approach.
Remember to bring Matthew to open the chests. AND DON'T LET ANY ENEMY REACH THE THRONE, OTHERWISE YOU'LL LOSE, it's possible that you leave a small entrance for the enemy to go through in such a small map.

Boss Data

Nomad - Level 15
“A head of Eubans's hired swords. Morally bakrupt."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 26 10 9 7 10 7 6 7
- Longbow
- Steel Bow

First of all, make sure that you move away the units near the right wall, the boss has a Long Bow (can attack from 3 spaces afar) and you'll attract him there, and with the enemies above things might get complicated, it's better to just leave him for later and attack the other enemies without entering into his attack range. He moves.
To defeat Sealen just move Oswin and Hector to where he is, since they both have great defense and will be immune to his attacks (though their defense depends on the level you have them at). Attack with Hector's Wolf Beil and with Oswin's spears, and he'll fall within less than 2 turns. Just make sure to kill all the mages nearby, if these can make double attacks, and kill them alongside the other enemies.

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