Chapter 19xH: Prisoner of Magic

Chapter's objective: Seize the gate.
Requisite to unlock the chapter: Finish the last chapter within 15 turns.

Note: To unlock the next chapter there are special requirements, see the guide of routes and optional chapters.

(The magic sealing effect, the red zone, appears with Kishuna)

- Goddess Icon (from the ruins)

New Characters:
- None.

- Turn 1: The Brigand from the bottom left corner, the one shown on the image.
- Turn 3 (enemy) or after killing Aion:
  Kishuna above the fort in the middle of the red zone.
  At Kishuna's left and right, a Sniper.
  Above and below Kishuna, a Knight.
- Turn 9 to 12: Mage from the forts nearby the starting point.

...You must beware
magical attacks...
They will not attack
from the front...
If you wait, though...
something may happen.
For good or for ill,
that I cannot say."

At first it might seem hard, but this chapter is pretty easy, specially because of Kishuna's intervention, who will negate the usage of ANY AND ALL forms of magic, which includes your magic units (mages, troubadours, etc.), within the red zone. It's highly recommendable to bring many axe-users, for being all mages "disabled" as they are, you'll only have to fight against knights, but if you do so, beware of the peg knights, they carry Axereavers.
Take Dart or Hector, axe units, and also take Florina and Fiora that will afford you a few turns and it will be convenient to raise their levels like other units you are using, by making them fight against the disabled mages. Remember that this map's peg knights carry Axereavers.

Boss Data

Sage - Level 4
"The Black Fang's Owl. Takes orders from Nergal."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 32 12 9 12 9 6 16 7
- Bolting
- Thunder

Under other circumstances, Aion could have been troublesome, but being within Kishuna's magic seal makes him unable to attack.
KILL HIM BEFORE KISHUNA, this will allow you to defeat him while suffering no damage at all.

Boss Data

Magic Seal - Level1
"A bringer of silence. His identity is unknown."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 50 0 0 24 0 13 0 7
- Nothing

If you managed to raise Nils's level to 7 or higher before chapter 11 and you manage to defeat Kishuna, you'll unlock the mysterious Ch. 19xx. Otherwise, defeating Kishuna will only serve to raise a level, and his speed makes him really hard to hit. Once you attack Kishuna, he'll disappear the following turn, so when you attack him, make sure that you kill him. Highly recommendable options are the Silver Lance and the Killing Edge if you still have them and even using Marcus (since, unless you've abused of the arena, your units are most likely still somewhat low-leveled) and using support between your characters in your favour.
But try to kill his companions, the ones surrounding him, first. They won't attack you unless you're within 2 squares from them, and they'll start moving if you kill Kishuna.

Remember that Kishuna appears on turn 3 and leaves at the beginning of turn 15 (enemy) or in the turn after you attack him,
leaving those that appeared with him behind. If Aion dies before that turn, Kishuna won't leave.

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