Chapter 19xxH: A Glimpse in Time

Chapter's objective: Seize the throne.
Requisite to unlock this chapter: Raise Nils's level to 7 or higher on Lyn's mode and kill Kishuna. This chapter can only be played in this mode.

Note: In the game this map has fog, it was removed from the image so that you can see what is there.

1. Talisman
2. Eclipse
3. Dracoshield
- Steal:
  A. Antitoxin
  B. Lockpick
  C. Chest Key
  D. Door Key

New Characters:
- None.

- None.

"Strong allies, strong weapons.
If you don't have these...
yours will be a difficult

Watch for enemy thieves.
You may take damage in
ways you couldn't imagine.
Magic attacks from nowhere
will stop eventually.
So will ballista attacks.
No need to take risks.
Proceed slowly and

In this chapter, fog will lower your vision field even more than in other maps, bring with you the Torch staff that you should have obtained a few chapters ago, also take Matthew with you to increase your vision field and to take the items, or to steal them, for it is impossible to reach chests 2 and 3 before an enemy thief.

Amidst the darkness many knights remain hidden, so you know what to do, bring magic users, the Wolf Beil, the rapier, a hammer, axes, etc. There are two troubadours, one with a Sleep staff, the other with a Silence staff, that you should finish off as soon as possible, one of them is close to the chests and the other is in the middle of the map. And take Florina, make her rescue any unit and make her carry 2 Door Keys, this way you'll be able to enter through the top left door which will allow you to strike from behind.

There are 2 ballistae (one where you start and another one around the middle of the map), so take Will or Rebecca to make use of them.

Boss Data

Druid - Level 17
"The Black Fang's Shadow Hawk. Studies the dark arts."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 30 16 15 12 3 9 18 8
- Eclipse
- Nosferatu

Teodor is stronger than Aion, but dark magic is heavier, it's recommendable to attack him with fast characters. Beware of his Eclipse, it's a long distance tome and will cut in half your HP upon hit, but it's accuracy is so low that if you take characters with great evasion, he'll never hit with it.

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