Chapter 22H: Kinship's Bond

Chapter's objective: Protect Nils for 11 turns or kill Eubans

1. 10,000 coins
2. Brave Axe
- This map has a secret shop ("Tienda Secreta" on the map here).
- Drops when killed:
  A. Knight Crest
  - Spear (boss)
- Steal:
  B. Door key x3
  C. Lockpick

New Characters:
- Isadora, Heath, Rath.

- Turn 3: 2 Fighter from the bottom corners of the map.
- Turn 4 (red):
   1 Monk, 2 Knight and another Monk from the middle of the bottom edge of the map.
   1 Nomad from the square to the right and a Cavalier from the one to the left.
- Turn 5 (blue):
   2 Wyvern rider from the bottom corners.
   An Archer near the right ballista.
   A Fighter inside the room.
- Turn 8: (orange borders)
  At the left edge of the map, from up to down, a Mage (above Heath's starting point), Cavalier and a Wyvern rider.
  At the right edge of the map a Wyvern rider, a Nomad at its left, an a Mage from above.
- Turn 9 (pink)
  Same Mage above Heath's starting point.
  Wyvern rider from the bottom left corner and another at the boss's left.
  Mage above the boss.

"Someone is ill... collapsed...
This person cannot be moved.
... Illness will not stay
your foe's hand, however...
You must protect the fallen.
Do not let your foes in.
Mines and Light Runes can be
used to block their path.
Ah... I see a meeting.
A sky rider...
He carries justice in his heart...
He might listen to one of
your leaders."

You'll confront many different units in this chapter, you should bring your best characters, leave behind flying units and go prepared with those of great defense to protect Nils. You'll fight against many flying units and there are also quite a few ballistas available for your use, so bring Will and Rebecca. You will also fight against many magical units, so if you bring units like Oswin, keep them out of their attack range. Heath can be useful, so go and recruit him as soon as possible. Green units attack without caring for their lives, but don't worry about them, whether they survive or not, it makes no difference. And DO NOT let the first chest's content be stolen from you, there are 10 thousand coins in there and if they're stolen, you won't be able to take them back.

Rath appears on the second turn and a few green units with him, recruit him and send him against the wyverns, Isadora is somewhat weak, but you can leave her behind as a reserve fighter. There are also plenty of fighters, but they all use weapons strong against swords... because of that, look at the enemies' weapons, many enemies have weapons that reverse the weapon triangle. It's most recommendable to drop the defense and go with everything against Eubans around turn 5 (because then aren't reinforcement until turn 8) or simply endure the attack, because he's very well-guarded.

Boss Data

Paladin - Level 6
"A lightning-swift head of the mercenaries of Laus."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 38 14 10 9 5 12 14 11
- Spear

At this point in the game I assume you still have horseslayer, halberd and Longsword and perhaps the Mani Katti, Wolf Beil and rapier have some uses left. With these weapons, defeating Eubans will be much easier, but do beware that his weapon, the Spear, is very powerful in both close and ranged combat. And you should approach him near the chapter's end, around when all reinforcements are over because he's where many reinforcements come out from and he's much further from the starting point than in Eliwood's Story. And by the way, he doesn't move when you enter inside his attack range.

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