Chapter 23H: Living Legend

Chapter's objective: Defeat all enemies and protect Pent

Note: To unlock the next chapter there are special requirements, see the guide of routes and optional chapters.

- Drops when killed:
  A. Luna
- Steal:
  - Guiding Ring (Jasmine).
- Afa's drops / G de Afa (at the end, if you don't go to chapter 23x, but you obtain it at the end of that one anyway).
- See "Desert Items"

New Characters:
- Hawkeye.

- Turn 3 and 5: 2 Wyvern rider from the left (one 3 spaces away from Pent's starting point and the other one from below).
- Turn 5 and 6: 1 Mage from the fortress.
- Turn 7 and 8: 2 Shaman from the other red squares.

"Sand, sand, and more sand,
as far as the eye can see.
Those on horseback will
be slowed.
You should take flyers...
especially pegasus knights.
Magic will tip the scales in
your favor. Mages, monks,
shamans... Bolster your
strength with these."

If you move Hector two squares up, Hawkeye will appear right beside him, enabling you to talk with him on turn 2. Send a flying unit to rescue Pent before he kills everybody on his own and makes you lose the Guiding Ring. You can also send a sword user to draw Jasmine attention or better even, send a flying unit to draw him closer to your team and when he's close enough, steal the ring and kill him.

Send well-leveled magical units to the left, if they're well trained you won't have much trouble breaking through the mages and archers. Send a few units with defense above and dispose of the knights and cavaliers. Try not to bring Knights or cavaliers because their movement is greatly reduced by the sand, while magical units (not mounted ones) receive no movement penalty. Later on, start picking up the hidden items, don't forget to use thieves because they have far greater odds of finding the items, and use your other characters to crush reinforcements.

Boss Data

Warrior - Level 9
"A bandit of the Nabata deserts."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 46 17 14 14 6 8 11 13
- Steel Axe
- Hand Axe
- Guiding Ring

Before you get to him, Pent will have weaken him, so it shouldn't be too hard if you send a good sword user at a decent level.

Boss Data

Warrior - Level 8
"A bandit of the Nabata deserts."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 47 19 12 12 2 11 9 13
- Killer Axe

Pent will kill him before you get to him, but as I said before, try to rescue Pent to obtain as much experience as possible.

To gain access to chapter 23x, you must gain 700 experience points. If you haven't gained enough, use Ninian; she gains 10 experience points per dance.

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