Chapter 29H: Cog of Destiny

Chapter's objective: Defeat all enemies

- Warp staff, only village.
- Drops when killed:
  - Iron rune (boss)
- Steal:
  A. Blue Gem
  B. Elixir
  C. Mine
  D. Antitoxin
  E. Guiding Ring
  F. Light Rune

Reinforcements (from left to right, from up to down, after entering each area):
1. Every two turns, four times:
On the fortresses below the boss (inside area 4), a Myrmidon, a Hero and a Mercenary.
2. Every two turns, four times:
Fortresses to the boss's right (inside area 4), a Knight, a General and a Knight.
3. Every two turns, four times:
Fortresses at the top right corner, a Nomad, a Paladin and a Cavalier.
4. For 3 turns:
3 Wyvern Riders from the bottom right corner. During the first turn, Vaida will arrive in the place of one of these. After the third turn, there's still a fourth wave, but it comes with a turn of delay.

New Characters:
- Vaida

•Augury (In the Japanese version the boss had a runesword and they left the dialogue as is):
"... I sense a dire foe in the
battle ahead.
The weapon he wields is
cursed. A sword that steals
life energies and feeds them
to its wielder.
So many enemies, too...
Their numbers are great.
Take your strongest magic
users into the field.
And travel as a group. Do
not allow yourselves to be
parted from one another."

Remember that Hector will promote by the end of the chapter, have him at level 20 to make him better. It's a complicated chapter... specially if you haven't been doing things properly. Honestly, if all of your characters (at least most of them) are promoted and better even, promoted at level 20, and over level 5 of their second class, you can just send everyone to crush anything they see, it won't be much of a challenge... You're surrounded by many enemies, but if you just keep your units together in a single group, you'll see how everything is much easier. Bring healers, Restore Staves and as always, some vulneraries. Deploy an equilibrated team capable of confronting all types of enemies, you'll be attacked with axes from one side, with swords from the other, and losing a unit now is by no means a good idea.

Look well at the black-bordered areas marked on the map. If you stay on or simply cross them at some point, the before mentioned reinforcements will start to come out, which is why is such a bad idea to attack from all sides at the same time. You can send all your units either to the left or above, but if you send them above, the enemies will surround you and will destroy the town, so send them to the left, save the town, and then take your time crushing enemies. Also, leave Hector and 3 or 4 more units at the starting point, send everybody else to defeat all other enemies. When the map's "clean", enter into area 4, recruit Vaida with Hector (if you haven't trained Heath, she makes for a good substitute) and defeat the reinforcements that will appear during the following turns.

If you only have a few units at a good level, then things get complicated... If this is your case, take things easy, remember to carry vulneraries, strong weapons, and a few staff-users. The first thing we're going to do is grab our best flying unit, equip him/her with a Javelin or a Short Spear, a few Vulneraries and the Delphi Shield (negates bows' damage bonus). Okay, now send that unit right between areas 1 and 2 and send it to visit the town. Archers/Snipers won't deal him/her any extra damage thanks to the Delphi Shield, so long as the unit isn't low leveled, it should be fine.
Immediately have him/her go back to the starting point (don't move your units yet). When you're ready again, have one of your units enter area 1 and then patiently await for the reinforcements to get to you and eliminate them. Then repeat the process with areas 2 and 3. Your units should get a few level ups in case they were low-leveled. If you still can't finish the chapter this way... then it's highly recommendable to restart the game.

Boss Data

Swordmaster - Level 18
"The White Wolf of the Four Fangs. Brendan's first son."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 52 20 23 21 16 15 19 9
- Light Brand
- Iron rune

Boss Data

Hero - Level 18
"The Rabid Hound of the Four Fangs. Brendan's young son."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 58 24 20 15 14 19 15 14
- Light Brand
- Iron rune

Depending on whether you got chapter 23A or B, the boss will be the first or the latter, but they're both more or less the same, and just like Jerme, they have a Light Brand. You have before you a powerful opponent, attack him from distance with spears or with a high-level, promoted magician, or go melee with a swordslayer. A magic-user alone with someone healing them can defeat Linus/Lloyd if they attack from a distance. Remember that a magic sword, when attacking from afar, uses half of the wielders strength (and affects the target's resistance, and not defense).

If you use Nino, she'll tell you that she wants to talk to him. Don't listen to her. If they talk to each other, Linus/Lloyd will start moving and attacking everybody, and he usually doesn't. But there's a bit of dialogue... If you want to do it, you'll have to prepare a lot of units to finish him off right after.

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