Chapter 30H: The Berserker

Chapter's objective:
Put Hector where's Kaim.

1. Wolf Beil
2. Pure Water
3. Elixir
- Drops when killed:
  A. Wolf Beil
  B. Chest Key x3
  - Tomahawk (boss)

New Characters:
- Nils.

- None

"... The air... It's a poison cave! There is... so much power here.
The axe... It has... guardians? Only Lord Hector and a few other can enter.
But who to take? Peerless strength... That is what you need."

If you want the treasure from the chests, there are 3 ways to get them:
- Wait for a Thief to steal it, then kill him.
- Bring some Chest keys or a Thief/Assassin with lockpicks to open the chests before the enemy.
- Use the enemy thieves' keys.
But the only useful thing is the Wolf Beil, being this the only map where you can get more copies of this weapon; the Elixir might also be a great help if you don't have much money (but soon you'll get a lot of it). If you still have some uses left from the original Wolf Beil then use it, you're about to get two more. Bring fast or defensive characters, and some vulneraries. If you have them, then there's no need for a staff-user, but at least give Hector a sword, some enemies have Axereavers.

If you are careful with the places that spout poison gas and use them to your favor, then you shouldn't have much trouble finishing the chapter successfully. The places from where Poison gas comes out are marked in red in the map. If you end you turn with an unit in front of one of these holes, poison gas will come out, dealing damage and poisoning the unit for 5 turns. Also remember that you can't deploy Merlinus, so you'll need place for everything.

Boss Data

Hero - Level 16
"An ancient spirit who guards the Thunder Axe."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 60 20 18 15 0 15 22 13
- Tomahawk

He should fall quickly if you send a sword user or Hector himself with a sword. Unlike Georg (Durandal's guardian from Eliwood's story), Kaim doesn't move.

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