Chapter 32H: Victory or Death

Chapter's objective: Take the gate.

Note: To unlock the next chapter there are special requirements, see the guide of routes and optional chapters.

1. Renault / Renaud.
2. Talisman.
3. Sets litany.
- Earth Seal (battle's start)
- This map has a secret shop ("Tienda Secreta" on the map here).
- Drops when killed:
   A. Fimbulvetr
   B. Nosferatu

New Characters:
- Nils, Renault.

When entering some areas, reinforcements will appear instantly, during your turn:
    - Area 1: 5 Nomad Troopers (green border)
        [They can be triggered by entering the part of area 2 that should belong to area 1, but area 2's reinforcements will be triggered first].
    - Area 2: 4 Cavaliers and a Paladin in the middle (purple border).
        [You can make them appear early to make them only 3 cavaliers, since two of the tiles will be occupied]
    - Area 3: 4 Snipers inside area 3, below Limstella.
    - Area 4: 4 Brigand and a Warrior in the middle (orange border, bottom right corner, inside area 4).
- Turn 3 to 5: 1 Brigand, exactly from the top right corner of area 4).
- Turn 5 to 7: 1 Brigand, top left area of area 3.
- Turn 8 to 10: 2 Cavaliers from area 4's forts..
- Turn 8 and 12: 4 Cavaliers and a Paladin in the middle from area 3 (below Limstella)
- Turn 10 and 15, 16: 4 Knight and a General in the middle from area 3 (below Limstella)
- Turn 10 to 12:
   2 Wyvern Rider and a Wyvern Lord to their left, top right corner of area 4.
   2 Falcoknights to the left of Ruins 1. 2 Cavaliers and a Paladin (below) to its right.
- Turn 25 to 35:
    2 Falco Knight, from the forts on the top left corner of the map.
    2 Nmd Trooper, from the forts in area 4.
    2 Wyvern rider, from the bottom left corner of area 4.
    2 Cavalier, from the forts on the top right corner of area 2.

"... Nergal's henchmen... They are here... They are waiting...
... This will be difficult. Each foe, stronger than any you've faced.
Match power for power. Move as one. Do not waste your time visiting every building you see...
You must be desperate... if you hope to survive..."


Boss Data

Sage - Level 20
"The strongest of the morphs Nergal created."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 68 24 20 17 0 24 27 7
- Bolting
- Fimbulvetr

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