Chapter 10: The Distant Plains

Chapter's objective: Seize the castle's door.

- Energy Ring

- Turn 6 to 10: A Cavalier, from the fort at the left of the trunk.

This is the last mission of Lyn’s story; you are finally going against Lundgren

Rain will be something to have in mind, move using Sain, Kent, Lyn and Wallace on the front line. Keep in mind the weapon triangle and you’ll have no problems. At the town you’ll receive an energy ring that you can use to raise strength or magic by two points to any unit.

At the bottom of the map there are a vendor and an armory where you can buy magic and weapons effective against Generals, they’re somewhat expensive so think before you buy anything. Do not buy thinking that you need to restock for what is to come, because this is the final chapter of Lyn’s story, first part of the game, and your units will separate once this mission is over. They will eventually reunite again but they won’t be carrying anything of what they got during this part of the game, they will only keep their levels.

Boss Data

General of level 5
"Marquess Caelin's brother. Hunger to rule over Caelin"*
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 35 12 8 5 6 14 7 15
- Silver Lance
- Javalin

* = In the spanish version of the game, it say that "Obeys Lundgren's orders.". But obviously, is a error in the translation.

Lundgren is the most difficult boss so far, he’s got good statistics and a good melee weapon. Lucius, Lyn and Erk will be your best choices again him. Your magic units won’t inflict enough damage to kill Lundgren, but they are good enough to weaken him, Lyn can make more damage but one of Ludgren’s attack will leave her near death so if you are using Lyn place her next to him and end your turn so Lundgren uses his turn to attack Lyn and you use her turn to heal.

Starting now begins the story of Eliwood if this is the first time you beat chapter ten, if is not then you can continue with Eliwood or Hector’s story (in normal or hard mode if you have finished the entire game before).

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