Chapter 11E: Taking Leave

  = In Hard Mode only.

Chapter's objective: Seize the village's gate

- Dragonshield.

New Characters:
- Eliwood, Marcus, Lowen, Rebecca.
- Dorcas y Bartre (blue squares on the image, turn 2)

- None.

This is Eliwood's first mission, you start with 10000 coins that will come in handy for this mission's shop and you'll need them in the next mission. You'll notice that there's a quite good paladin in your team, he's good if this is your first playthrough and he also "teaches" you how to make the most of the experience gains (don't use him, he's a bad unit and your other units will gain more experience since they are lower-leveled and will be better in the future if you give them experience, however, using Marcus is recommended if you know the game beforehand as he starts just right for what comes next).

Going on with the mission itself, there will be lots of brigands in this mission, so sword-wielders will have an advantage, and on the first turns Dorcas and Bartre will join you (they'll appear on the squares you see on the image). To advance, place Eliwood, Lowen, Dorcas and Bartre on the front row and Rebecca on the back row. Visit the village because they'll give you a very interesting item, a Dracoshield.

Boss Data

Brigand of Level 5
"A Caelin bandit, attacking villages for money."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 25 7 4 4 1 4 2 12
- Iron axe

This mission's boss is a brigand, if you want to kill him easily use Marcus with the Steel Sword equipped. If you don't want to use him do note that none other of your units will deal him much damage, so you'll have to combine their attacks to deal enough damage, a good combination would be having Rebecca attack him first, then let Eliwood take care of the rest; before attacking, though, see if Eliwood can endure two hits without dying. If he can't, end your turn with Eliwood in front of the boss to make sure that Eliwood doesn't die, which would force you to restart the mission, and make him counterattack during the enemy turn (so you can heal in your's).
It's better to do all this because Marcus's weapon is pretty rare at the beginning of the game... but specially because Marcus is a really bad unit, your other units, when they reach promotion and then his level, will surpass him by far. However, he can be good as he is now, but if you don't know the game is better to rely on other units too.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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