Chapter 12E: Birds of a Feather

  = In Hard Mode only.

Chapter's objective: Kill all enemies

- Secret book.

New Characters:
- Hector, Oswin.

- None.

In this mission we'll start on the bottom left corner, there's a village in this area (Secret book), 2 houses and a shop selling vulneraries. At the beginning of turn 4, Hector and Oswin will appear (top left corner). I recommend that you use Hector to kill the soldiers with lances, and with Oswin's help, try to join together both groups, that way the bad guys won't be separated.

The boss will slowly go for you, that's the moment to kill him: You can follow different strategies... Use Rebecca and Lowen to weaken him, then finish him off with Eliwood (depending on how you trained him, you might need to use Dorcas or Bartre), just don't kill him with Marcus (even if your desperate) since you'll lose a lot of experience because he's already high-leveled. Just try to not leave the boss on a mountain or forest, because his evasion will be raised significantly

Boss Data

Fighter of Level 9
"A Caelin bandit. Fights for pleasure more than money."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 32 11 4 6 2 6 5 14
- Iron Axe

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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