Chapter 13xE: The Peddler Merlinus

  = In Hard Mode only.
In hard, your initial position varies:

Chapter's objective: Protect Merlinus for 7 turns.
Requisite to unlock this chapter: Visit the town on the top left corner (previous chapter).

- Notes:
- In the game this map has fog, it was removed from the image so you can see what is there.
- Your units' location seems to vary according to Lyn mode or some other factor.

- 5000 coins (Village)
- Steal:
  A. Vulnerary x3
  - Vulnerary (Puzon)

- Turn 2, 5:
  A Nomad (above) and a Myrmidon (below) from the forts next to the boss.
- Turn 3:
  A Brigand (above) and a Nomad (below) from the forts in the bottom corner.
- Turn 4 (only in hard):
  A Mage (above) and a Mercenary (below) from the forts next to the boss.

This mission might end up being a bit complicated because enemies come out from every fortress amidst the darkness. Its recommendable to rescue Merlinus (best option is to rescue him with the character you use the least, rescuing lowers skill and speed by half) and you should also move Matthew a few squares up (not too many, a few nomads will come at you and they might kill him) to improve your vision field, most of the enemies come from the upper part.
Send Marcus to the village to the right, they'll give you 5000 coins, but brigands from below will attack him, so have swords equipped. And if you don't get to the village by turn 5, it might be destroyed.

Some myrmidon and a brigand will go to attack your starting area, but they won't be any trouble if we use Oswin and Guy. Lastly, the boss is around the top left corner, attacking him is not very recommendable because he's higher-leveled than you (problem is, he's too fast), but you can try if you want, but do remember that you don't have to kill him to finish the mission. If you want to kill him, you best option is to send Oswin, Hector and Marcus. Marcus should be used as a defensive unit and only to help clearing a path to the boss. Use everybody else to finish off as many enemies as possible and if they're nomads, surround them to stop them from attacking. Obviously, attack the boss with spears with Oswin or Lowen.

Boss Data

Mercenary of Level 10
"A hired man working for the bandits plaguing Caelin."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 26 10 8 9 5 6 6 11
- Steel Sword

Once you've finished this mission, the merchant Merlinus will join your team. Merlinus will deploy his tent in battle, and all items that your units can't carry will be sent to him. If he's killed, he disappears, but he'll return alive for the next mission, but he won't level up. At level 20, he'll transform into a carriage, his utility is the same, but he'll be able to move. Take into account that without him you'll have to drop an item if a character of yours obtains an item while having the inventory full. But if you manage to promote him, you'll have a character with great evasion that you can use as bait on the last chapters. Very useful... so always use him.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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