Chapter 16xE: The Port of Badon

Chapter's objective: Talk with Fargus with any character (don't attack him, it's a suicide).
Requisite to obtain the chapter: Keep alive at least one of the green soldiers in Ch. 16.

  = In Hard Mode only.
In hard, your initial position varies:

1. Devil Axe
2. Shortbow
3. Sleep Staff
4. Lancereaver
- Steal:
   A. Vulnerary x3

New Characters:
- Canas, Dart.

- Turn 2: Paladin (boss), Troubadour and 2 Cavalier.

"Oh… Oh, my…
Things have gotten out of hand, haven't they?
Go around… Around is best…
You should speak with the locals. You might even meet someone.
Don't waste your time with every single house though."

You can go through this mission in two different ways: a rather peaceful way or fighting against the pirates (except Dart). If you prefer the peaceful way, go through the north street. You'll fight a few pirates that won't be a problem for sword-wielders and just try to advance until you can talk with Fargus. An easier way would be using Florina as shown in the picture. By the way, the enemies will end up moving anyway if you cross that imaginary square that's shown in the picture or if you enter their attack range.

The hostile way is about killing all the pirates except Dart, be careful with this way because the pirates have very good weapons, if you remember both weapon and magic triangle the job will be easier. Something that happens for sure is that a group of two cavaliers, a troubadour and a paladin that acts like the chapter's boss will appear. This won't be a problem for the Lords' special weapons. In any case, the boss has a killer sword, so use cavaliers equipped with lances or Oswin with the horseslayer if you don't want to waste the special weapons' uses. Also, he only moves when you enter in his attack range.

And DO NOT kill Fargus, otherwise you'll lose the mission (if he doesn't kill you first, that is)

Boss Data

Paladin of Level 5
"One of the Black Fang. Hunts after Eliwood."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 34 12 7 5 2 14 13 11
- Killing Edge

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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