Once the Prologue is over, you’ll see Lyn in the map of Elibe, and while she’s heading toward Bulgar (biggest city in Sacae) you can read a small summary of the past chapter and an explanation of what Lyn is going to do.

Chapter 1: Footsteps of Fate

At the beginning of the battle you will learn about what happens when different blue units die. If Lyn dies is Game Over, but if any other blue unit die you can continue playing (if any blue unit other than Lyn dies during the first 10 chapters you will still be able to used them, after that, however, if they die they are gone for good). In any case I’d recommend starting over if any of your units is killed, that way it will be easier to finish the chapters.

Since we can’t use the “End” command to finish our turn yet, we have to move all of our units to do so. Anyway, we’ll be forced to use Sain for our first fight in this Chapter. It doesn't go any good so Kent will give him a sword and you’ll learn about the “Weapon Triangle”, something that pretty much is the same thing as “Paper, Rock, and Scissors”, which goes like this: “Swords best Axes, Axes best Lances and Lances best Swords”. As you can see each kind of weapon is weak against other. We’ll move Kent next to the bandit that Sain couldn't hit to attack him with an Iron Sword. Kent will leave him wit low HP so let’s use Lyn to finish him off. In our next turn we’ll have to use Sain to attack the bandit at the bottom of the map using his newly acquired Iron Sword, but he will still miss because the bandit is in a forest. So we will learn about different terrains. Forests, Peaks, Towns, Houses, Stores, Armories, Mountains, Thrones… There are a lot of different terrains, and you must know about all of them to see if it will be easier to hit an enemy or not.

Well, no more explanations, for now let’s just go on with the game. Use Kent to attack the bandit that Sain missed and move Lyn to one of the upper Forests. On your next turn move Sain next to Lyn so you can take one of her vulnerary to recover from the damage he received.

Once you’re done trading and using the vulnerary you’ll learn about mounted units’ special ability of using their extra movement, meaning that if you move a unit that is riding (a horse, pegasus or wyvern) without using his or her full movement range and then use an item you can then move whatever spaces you had left. Well, after all of that extra movement mess the tutorial for this chapter is over, so is time to think for ourselves. Keep Sain and Kent equipped with swords all the time because there are only axe wielding enemies here (remember the weapon triangle?).

Boss Data

Brigand of level 4
"A thug who knows a secret about Lyn's past."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 23 6 2 4 1 4 0 11
- Iron Axe

Only use swords against him, but remember he might hit you and kill a low HP unit.

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