Chapter 22E: Living Legend

Chapter's objective: Kill all enemies and protect Pent

Note: The next chapter has special requirements to be played, see the routes and optional chapters' guide.

  = In Hard Mode only.
In Hard the position of the enemies with arrows is changed,
and yours position too:

- See Desert Items
- Afa's Drops (at the end if you don't go to Ch.22x, but you'll get it there anyways)
- Drops when killed:
  A. Luna
- Steal:
  - Guiding Ring (Jasmine) (Not in Hard)
  - White gem (Paul, Only in Hard).
  b. Guiding Ring (Only in Hard)

- Turn 3 and 5 (turn 2 to 5 in Hard):
   1 Wyvern rider near the upper left corner.
    Another one near the bottom left corner.
    (In the last or two last turns they appear in the squares that only have black edges).
- Turn 5 and 6 (turn 4 to 6 in Hard):
   1 Mage from the fort
- Turn 7 and 8 (turn 6 to 8 in Hard):
   2 Shamans from the screen's limit on the left.

New Characters:
- Hawkeye.

"Sand, sand, and more sand, as far as the eye can see. Those on horseback will be slowed.
You should take flyers... especially pegasus knights.
Magic will tip the scales in your favor. Mages, monks, shamans... Bolster your strength with these."

A map with sand, making it difficult. Bring your 2 thieves to obtain all the items. Try not to bring your mounted units because their movement will be greatly reduced. Bring all of your non-mounted magic units as their movement isn't affected by the sand. Same for the flying units, but be careful with the arrows. You'll also have Pent's help (the Sage), but he'll only steal exp.

As soon as you start have Eliwood go down to recruit Hawkeye, he appears on the green square on turn 2. Heal any damage because all enemies are together, so if one attacks you all of them will, be careful. The reinforcements aren't a problem, Pent will probably finish them before they reach you.

If you want to access chapter 22x, you must recruit Hawkeye and obtain 700 exp. points. It's possible, using characters with a low level, having Ninian do her dances and healing every little damage. Rescue Pent with a flying character so he doesn't kill them all.

Boss Data

Warrior of Level 9
"A bandit of the Nabata deserts."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 46 17 14 14 6 8 11 13
- Steel Axe
- Hand Axe
- Guiding Ring*
Only in Normal

Unlike previous bosses this one will cause you trouble. His speed is high, so are his strength and skill, characters with bad evasion and HP may die. The best option is to attack him with magic from a distance and then go all out with Lyn, Guy and Raven, if he doesn't die pray for survival. Try to lure him with someone to steal his Guiding Rind, or at least rescue Pent so he doesn't kill Jasmine.

Boss Data

Warrior of Level 8
"A bandit of the Nabata deserts."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 47 19 12 12 2 11 9 13
- Killer Axe
- White Gem*
 *Only in Hard

You don't have to worry too much about this one, when you reach him Pent will have him weakened or dead, but try to kill him anyway. Be careful with his Killing Axe or you'll end up dead. Like Jasmine his stats are somewhat high, use the same strategy you used with Jasmine.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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