Chapter 23A E: Four-Fanged Offense

  = In Hard Mode only.
In hard, your initial position varies:

Chapter's objective: Kill Lloyd.
Requirements to play the Ch.: If the level of your Lords adds up to 49 or less, you'll play Chapter 23A, where Wallace appears, otherwise you'll play Chapter 23B, where Geitz appears.

Note: The map in-game has fog, it has been removed so you can see all.

1. Earth Seal
2. Silence Staff
- This map has a Secret Shop ("Tienda Secreta" on the image)
- Drops when killed:
  A. Orion's Bolt (not in Hard)
  c. Shine (only in Hard)
- Steal:
  B. Red Gem (from Lloyd on Hard)
  b. Red Gem (only in Hard)

- Turn 3 (only in Hard): 1 Brigand, from the bottom right corner.
- Turn 4 (only in Hard): 2 Wyvern rider, from the upper left corner.
- Turn 4 and 8 (also turns 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 in Hard):
   2 Myrmidon in front of Lloyd.
- Turn 5 (also Turn 4 in Hard):
   2 Monk from the forts near to the arena.
- Turn 6 (also turn 5 in Hard):
   1 Brigand on the mountain on the left side of the castle.
- Turn 7 and 9 (also turns 3 and 5 on Hard):
   1 Monk (up) and 1 Myrmidon (down) from the forts near to the castle.
- Turn 8 (also turn 7 in Hard):
   1 Monk (up) and 1 Myrmidon (down) to the left of the arena.

New Characters:
- Wallace.

"Fog will make it though to see... Take torches and thieves with you.
Your foe is fearsome... There is a blade master among them. Beware his killing strokes.
Wait! There is something more. You will meet someone... A friend of Lady Lyn's, perhaps?
And...someone slips through the darkness... A thief. If you hope to save the village, you must hurry..."

Another foggy map, bring your thieves with Torches to make things easier. There are many enemies with swords, so lances are welcome. There are also many Monks, so bring units with good resistance or at least with good evasion, and that won't get double attacks.
Wallace will appear right at the beginning, recruit him as soon as possible so he doesn't steal any exp. And yes, he appears as a Knight on the image, that's because cheats were used to take the pictures of the maps, in Wallace's page [in spanish, though] there is a legal way to do it though. By the way, the Sniper near Wallace probably will die, and you would lose the item he carries… The best option is to carry someone that can resist with a flying unit and then give him an extra move with Ninian, and put that unit in the Sniper's range.

You may train and level up on the arena with some characters while others do the rest, but it's better to kill all enemies first. It's not a good idea to just jump in the fog. Use the forts near the arena to have some extra bonus, and use the forests as well, otherwise the enemies won't miss on their attacks. Proceed cautiously, the reinforcements will be a problem if they catch you unprepared. Bring Potions, the healers won't be enough.

Boss Data

Swordmaster of Level 12
"The White Wolf of the Four
Fangs. Brendan's first son."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 41 18 19 19 16 8 15 9
- Silver sword
- Red Gem*
Only in Hard

He's right in front of that castle, he would get more evasion that way, but he's still a worthy opponent. The best you can do is leave a character with lances next to him, he will attack you on his turn while you heal on yours, but watch out for his Critical Hit, the % is pretty high. Another option is having Wallace weaken him, and finishing him with a character with decent skill. Or even better, use a Swordreaver or a Swordslayer. He won't move, so don't worry.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:
Soon... In Hard Lloyd moves when you enter his attack range.

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