Chapter 26xE: Night of Farewells

Platforms: Start
Turns: 2 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 15 | 20 | 22 | 30
Strangely, in turn 16 a platform can be heard, but all still the same.
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  = In Hard Mode only.

In hard, your initial position varies:

Chapter's objective: Seize the throne.
Requisite to obtain the chapter:
Speak to Nino with Lyn or Eliwood, then make Nino speak with Jaffar.

1. Fenrir
2. Thor's Ire
3. Recover
4. Speedwings
- Steal:
  A. Angelic Robe
  B. Red gem (Blue gem in hard)
  C. Blue gem (not in hard)
  D. Antitoxin
  E. Mine (not in hard)
- Drops when killed:
  - Fell Contract (Sonia)

- Turn 2, 3 and 10 (stairs on the upper part of the map, the "isle" in the middle, also turns 4 and 11 in hard):
   1 Pegasus Knight
   1 Pirate (in turns 3 and 10, its changed for the one stated below).
   1 Cavalier.
- Turn 3 (also turn 2 in hard), from the stairs of the upper left corner "isle"::
   1 Cavalier, 1 Nomad and 1 Cavalier.
- Turn 8 (also turn 9 in hard), from the stairs of the bottom left corner "isles":
   1 Cavalier, Nomad, and a Mercenary at the right.
- Turn 9 and 10 (also turn 11 in hard):
   1 Cavalier and a Nomad from the stairs of the bottom left corner "isle".
- Turn 10 and 11 (also turn 12 in hard), from the "isle" left of chests 1 and 2:
   1 Thief and Wyvern Rider.
- Turn 12 and 13 (also turn 14 in hard), to the right of where the turn 8 reinforcements appeared:
   2 Pirates and from the one more to the right 1 Shaman and 1 Nomad.

New Characters:
- Jaffar.

"... I see water. Ruins. A cave? Or...someplace underground. And there are devices... Traps, Maybe?
If you are slow to advance, your path may vanish, as well as the path at your back.
Winged allies, and those on horseback who can carry others. They will be needed.
Pirates and berserkers are comfortable in water. Take them.
Light runes... Mines... These might make your task easier. Block your enemies' way with them."

A watery map filled with water and with platforms that appear and disappear, that may cause a non-flier that isn't a pirate nor a berserk to be stuck in the water, so bring flying units to transport the other units. If your units are promoted by now, this map won't be that hard, you just need to be patient to advance, but don't lower your guard, analyze the enemies' weapons or else you'll be surprised if your units aren't promoted yet.
You must be very careful, the enemies are high-leveled and there are many promoted enemies. Be careful with the reinforcement, don't let them accumulate. If your magic units are promoted (Canas, Lucius, Erk) give them aside of magic tomes a healing staff to help healing, but bring vulneraries anyway, just in case.
If Florina and Fiora have made a support, they'll be very helpful, they won't receive much damage from long-range magic nor be affected by the status altering staff thanks to their high resistance. The bishop has said staff, and that'll be this chapter's greatest problem. Another very useful unit is Heath, give him Pure Water or use the Barrier staff on him and send him to kill enemies that are far away. Vulneraries and Elixirs will also help.

Well then, in this chapter its compulsory to bring Nino... a pretty good unit but you should already have other well-trained magic units... use her if you want. You'll also be helped by Jaffar, this one is really good and doesn't need any training. On the preparation menu place a flying unit (best if it's a Falcoknight) on the blue square most to the left and below (with the option before beginning the chapter "View Map" >> "Formation") to eliminate the mage with Bolting as soon as possible.
To protect Nino from others, all you have to do is keep her on the rear, and since in this chapter there aren't that many flying units it won't be that hard. But if you want to steal the bishop's Angelic Robe, though, you best bet is to place Nino in his staff range, his staff is very dangerous because upon hit, it will make the targeted unit attack all the time if has the chance, and attack allies and enemies alike, and can also make many suicidal attacks, but since Nino is so weak, she won't do much damage even if the staff hits her.

Your team could be divided into 4 without you noticing, so be aware. Lastly, you can't bring Merlinus with you, so equip well your units before starting and with free equipment slots for the treasures.

Boss Data

Sage of Level 17
"Brendan's wife, and a devout servant of Nergal."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 44 19 18 18 0 19 23 7
- Bolting
- Fimbulvetr
- Fell Contract

The biggest problem is her long-range magic, just like Ursula. When you get to her, hit her with Jaffar, or with Canas equipped with Luna or quick characters, she'll probably die just with those hits. You can also use a character as bait for her to waste her Bolting attacks, then send someone with great avoid against her. And remember that there are two pillars beside her that give +20% avoid and +2 defense.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:

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