Chapter 30E: Victory or Death

= In Hard Mode only.
In hard, your initial position varies:

Chapter's objective: Seize the Gate

1. Renault / Renaud.
2. Talisman.
3. Sets litany.
- Earth Seal (at the beginning).
- This map has a secret shop.
- Drops when killed:
  A. Nosferatu
  - Fimbulvetr (Limstella)

New Characters:
- Nils, Renault.

"...Nergal's henchmen... They are here... They are waiting... ...This will be difficult. Each foe, stronger than any you've faced.
Match power for power. Move as one. Do not waste your time visiting every building you see...
You must be desperate...if you hope to survive..."

Reinforcement (in hard mode, for all four zones, the reinforcements appear all the same, but with extras from the purple squares):
1. 2 Brigand and 1 Warrior below them when you enter into zone 1 (squares below the Heros)
        [They may also activate entering into the part of zone 2 that should be part of zone 1, but the ones from zone 2 will be activated first].
    In hard mode, another 2 Brigand.
2. 2 Cavalier and 1 Paladin below them when you enter into zone 2 (Paladin comes from the fort on the edge of zone 3).
    In hard mode, another 2 Cavalier.
3. 4 Knight and 1 general in the middle when you enter into zone 3 (squares and fort below Limstella).
    In hard mode, they are 4 Cavalier and a Paladin in the middle, surrounded by 3 Knight (purple squares)
4. 2 Nmd trooper when you enter into zone 4 (squares beside the forts on the bottom right corner).
    In hard mode, there are 4 of them.
- Turn 6, 7 (also turn 5 in hard): 2 Brigand from the mountains to the east (the square above from the 3 shown in the image).
- Turn 8 (turn 7 in hard): 2 Falco Knight near the heros (one of them appears on the right fort).
- Turn 9 (also turn 8 in hard):
   1 Brigand near the ballista at Limstella's left.
   2 Falco Knight from where the ones from the previous turn appeared.
   2 Nmd trooper from the forts on the bottom right corner.
- Turn 10: Just like turn 9, but without the Falco Knight.
- Turn 11 and 12 (also turn 10 in hard):
   1 Wyvern Lord and 2 Wyvern rider from his right from where the ones of turn 6 appeared.
   1 Paladin and 2 Cavalier above him, to the right of where the Falco Knight appeared.
- Turn 12 to 14 (only in Hard):  2 Cavalier from the forts at the lower edge of zone 2.
- Turn 14 and 20 to 24 (only in Hard): 2 Cavalier from the forts on the upper part of zone 2.

- Turn 15 and 16:
   4 Knight and 1 General in the middle from the fort near Limstella.
   2 Cavalier from the forts on the upper part of zone 2.
- Turn 25 to 35 (from turn 20 in hard mode, but without the cavaliers):
   2 Cavalier from the fort below the ruins in the middle of the map.
   2 Nmd trooper from the forts of the bottom right corner.
   2 Wyvern rider at the Nmd trooper's left.
   2 Falco Knight from the forts of the top left corner.

Since this is almost the endgame, there are three kinds of teams:

1. All your characters are promoted, all of them promoted at level 20, they are at level 20, you have only silver and killer weapons. I'll ask you something: what the heck are you doing looking for a strategy?
2. Almost none of your characters is promoted, the promoted ones didn't promote at level 20, they aren't at level 20, you have only iron weapons: It's most likely that you'll have to restart the game. It might sound bothersome, but unless you are very lucky and you're able of taking maximum profit of every little chance, you have no other choice.
3. None of the above:

Try to keep your units together, if its necessary to divide your group, do it like this: units with high avoid or defense through the way that takes you to the village on the upper or lower part of the map, units with strength through the way that takes you to the village in the middle of the map, with at least one very strong unit in each group. But it's very likely that you'll do it for the villages that are about to be destroyed:

- The village in the middle will be destroyed on turn 5.
- The village on the bottom will be destroyed on turn 10.
- The village on top will be destroyed on turn 11.

Just if you want. Since Sets litany only gives a +10 bonus to your avoid, Renault isn't sooo good, and you don't need the talisman if you don't have many problems with this map.

About the groups, send only some strong units to kill the enemies on the ballistas and the sage with bolting and that kind of enemies. Be also careful with the bishop with purge, the druid with eclipse, a Wyvern knight with a killer lance (a critical with that and you could die), the swordmaster with a Wo Dao and the Warrior with a killer bow and a Devil axe (very high damage). Try to first attract those with strong weapons with a range of 1. For the mages with long-range magic tomes, just send a flying unit that you should have by now (if not, try approaching them using the terrain in your favor).

When you finish this, gather your units again. Wait for the enemies that will approach you without entering inside their attack range and kill them. It'd be convenient to end this map before turn 25 because the reinforcements may prove to be bothersome... or you can use them to gain experience, just watch out for groups of enemies because if they come at you in groups, there might be dead units, specially if you don't take into account when do they appear... Also always keep an eye on the enemies' weapons.

Once there are no more enemies that attack on their own, you can exterminate the others, there should be barely 5-15 enemies... if you got here, I doubt that you can't go against that. AND HEAL ANY AND ALL DAMAGE!

Now we'll go against the boss: Limstella. But before that, remember that reinforcements will appear close to her. Don't go for her without thinking and send a few units to the border of the marked zone on the image so that the next turn you kill everything that you can or resist and attract them to your big group to kill them.

Boss Data

Sage of Level 20
"The strongest of the morphs Nergal created."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 68 24 20 17 0 24 27 7
- Fimbulvetr

She's strong, but don't be frightened... Canas + Nosferatu or Luna will do the job, if you don't have Canas, see if your unit endures 1, 2 or 3 or any hits, if they can deal more than 6 of damage (I doubt you can't), with higher speed than her and with a light weapon for your constitution.
If your unit endures 1 hit, place them right in front of Limstella. She'll attack you in her turn, then on yours you move away your unit, heal it and meanwhile place in front of Limstella another unit that matches the criteria stated above, then just repeat the process (both units must inflict more than 6 damage each turn because she recovers 6 points of HP each turn). If you have units that can resist 2 hits, it's about the same, but you can also attack during your turn, making the battle many times faster. Just be patient and you'll see how, in the end, she will fall.

Once this is over, what you have to do is obvious... take the gate.

Strategy for Eliwood Hard Mode:


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