Chapter 7: Siblings Abroad

Chapter's objective: Kill Heintz

- Pure water (visit the village)
- Drops when killed:
  A. Iron Lance

- None.

If you have more than 7 units (not counting Lyn) this is the first time you’ll be able to prepare before a battle, trade items between you characters and change their positions on the map (those blue squares on the image). At the beginning of this chapter Nils and Lucius will join our group, Lucius is a monk who uses light magic to attack, Nils’ ability consist on giving a new turn to those units who had already used theirs; game tutorial will teach you how all that works.

Near you at the beginning there’s a Vendor, and to move on you’ll have to go through that narrow path with the fortress surrounded by mountains, so try to get there before the enemy units and hold to that fortress. After that you’ll se a village where you can receive a Pure Water if you visit, this water is used to temporarily improve your resistance to magic by 7 points (for each turn after you use it, it will decrease until your resistance goes back to normal). You’ll notice two bridges to move to the next area, through the left one can only go units that are not mounted; this is because horses cannot go over mountains. So this next area is the one with the most enemies, but the only ones capable of placing up a real fight are the mage and mercenary, Lyn with Erk or Lucius as a backup won’t have any trouble with them though.

The only enemy units left after that are a few Shamans but they are nothing against Lucius or even your cavaliers.

Regarding the boss of this map, since he is a Shaman Lucius has the better probabilities against him but he will not be doing much damage, so you can use Lyn for a fast kill or Lucius with Nils as support, it will probably take a couple more turns but it is the safest way. And if you killed the boss in 15 turns or less you can now go to the secondary mission Chapter 7x.

Boss Data

Shaman of level 5
"One of the Black Fang. Pursues Nils ruthlessly."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 22 3 5 7 3 3 5 9
- Flux

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