Well, in case you are having troubles with the game you can find some help in these guides. Right after you begin a new game you’ll see a window where you can set some information. You will be informed that your role is that of a strategist traveling across the continent of Elibe.
If you select “Yes”, you will be asked to define your Name, Birth Month and Gender. This information will affect the game characters with your same resulting Affinity, giving them a boost in “Avoid” and “Hit” between +0 and +9 depending on the amount of stars you have depending on how well you are playing (although you can’t see this until a few more Chapters), and in the same way for all your characters in "Critical Evade". A few of the game dialogs will change depending the gender you chose.

Press START when you’re done, you will be asked for confirmation. If you’re happy with the information you gave then choose yes. The first Chapter will begin immediately after.


Prologue: A Girl From the Plains

You will be wakened up by a girl who explains that she found you unconscious on the plains. Her name is Lyn, of the Lorca tribe of the Sacae. She will talk to you until she hears a noise outside. When Lyn comes back she explains that some Bandits came down from Bern Mountains and wants to go kick some ass, but you stop her saying that you are a strategist and want to help her. You both will go outside and the battle will begin. Your character (the strategist) will never be a part of the battle. This part of the game is a tutorial so you will be explained about basic game mechanics. After defeating your first enemy you will be taught about items. A couple of instructions later we’ll go and kill the boss from this chapter, once Batta is defeated Lyn will gain enough experience to level up. In order to end the chapter you need to seize the gate

After you finish, Lyn asks you if she can travel with you, explaining that she needs to get stronger in order to avenge her father. Once this conversation is over you are done with the Prologue, so Chapter One, here we go!

Boss Datos

Brigand of Level 2
"A Ganelon bandit. Called the Beast for his savagery"
PV Fue Hab Vel Sue Def Res Con
Stats 21 5 1 3 2 3 0 10
- Iron Axe

In Easy mode you kill it automatically. In Hard mode just do what you would in Normal, or just get right next to him and wait for him to attack you in his turn and then use Lyn’s turn to finish him off or to heal her.


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